Monday, November 17, 2008

Getting Ready!

First, let me apologize for the blurry pictures. Apparently I'm not a very adept photographer without my glasses!

Jay and I had a big day on Friday! We started out getting the rest of the shots he needed before he leaves. He got a total of 4 shots; TDAP (Tetanus), Typhoid, Menactra (Meningitis) and a Flu shot. Just a note to those who are preparing to leave on a mission. If you can get all your shots before you turn nineteen, some of them count as "childhood" shots and you can get them a lot cheaper. We saved $165 by coming in 4 days before his birthday! Yippee!

He seems to be enjoying this a little too much!

The four cute band-aids from the four shots.

We got the shots at a place called EVVAC (East Valley Vaccination). The specialize in travel vaccinations and they have a huge map of the world with the names of all the people who were shot there and their destinations.

Jay pointing at Leon Mexico on the map.

Jay's label on the map

Then we went to Pomeroy's for all the Missionary clothes. First were the suits. When he tried on the first suit jacket his response was, "Now, that's sexy!" I believe one of the guys helping us said he loved to hear the propective missionaries responses and "you never know what's going to come out of their mouths."

"Sexy" Jay

Can you believe it needs to be taken in?

Trying on the shoes! Hopefully they'll last for 2 years.

I think is is the pair that has the "yoga mat" insoles. The salesman was telling us all the features when Jay interrupted and said, "Excuse me, did you say yoga mat?" He said, "Yes, that's yoga mat as in Y-O-G-A. When you get tired you can take it out and take a nap on it." (I wonder how many times he's told that joke?)

After we went shopping, Jay and I went to RA for a sushi lunch where he made me eat a quail's egg and uni (sea urchin). Yes, they were both raw. Certainly not something I would choose to eat again. But the other sushi was wonderful. He is very adventuresome with food. I don't think he will have any problem in Mexico.


Pam said...

Love your blog! What a great idea to keep people up to date on Jay's mission and his future wonderful experiences. I showed my son Scotty the bandaids for the shots and I'm sure he'll have to tease Jay about the kiddie stickers when Jay teaches Primary on Sunday. Jay will be a great missionary.

mpal said...

I love your blog! Just be careful though it gets rather addicting and pretty soon you've spent way too much time blog hopping! I see Jay went to Evaxx as well. They are so nice there. Looks like the shopping trip was fun! Aren't future missionaries great? Patrice

mpal said...

Well, there are those days, but if you need someone to talk to, give me a call.