Monday, November 29, 2010

Still working hard!

My companion and I went to a family's house yesterday that was on the ward roster but we have never seen at church. When we went there was about fifty people there having a big birthday party for one of the girls. we entered and everyone was thrilled that the Elders came too. They gave us cake and stuff to drink. But there were some members there who I knew from the last ward I was in here in Celaya. We got to talking and I asked them what the best way to send a package from here to the United States would be. (I'm thinking about sending all the heavy stuff home in a package so that I don't get overweight charges.) And they said that they have a friend who is a member who is going to Arizona pretty soon and usually he takes packages for them to their family up there. So they are going to talk to him and see if he can do that but ill get back to you on that.
The work here is starting to turn out. The members are starting to help us out and we are starting to find some people with real potential. Im going to see if I cant put some people on a baptismal date right before I leave.
Hope all is well. Love you all!
Elder Whetten

Monday, November 22, 2010


A Knight on a Chokobo

Red Moon

Work is Hard

Well changes came again and it looks like I'm going to stay here in Celaya until I have to leave. I guess that's all right. I was kinda hoping for a change but I guess its kinda useless with my time.

That's all right with me about the Christmas party just that it doesn't conflict with when I get set apart. Or like I don't mind if I go as a missionary or not just that if the stake president is going to set me apart that evening I would rather do that instead. And I hope he isn't on vacation when I get back. speaking of which my temple recommend has expired last October. You think you can look into an appointment to get it renewed?

Lately it seems like the harder I work the less the work gets done. I know I'm in one of the hardest areas in the mission but that shouldn't make a difference. but hopefully some good may come out of it. It seems like the weeks are going by like days too.
Yesterday when we were walking home at night the moon was red. I took a bad picture of it but ill put it up anyway.
That's about all for now. I saw the commercials for Harry Potter and looking forward to seeing it too but I still need to see the one before it first.
Love you all!
Elder Whetten

Monday, November 15, 2010

Teaching Kevin...and his family!

well thank you for singing happy birthday to me.

The members are starting to give us references, the only thing is that all of them have been out of our area. but things are progressing.

We were looking through some old references that the Elders in the past have received and we found one named Kevin. we went to the address and a kid of about 10 years came out so we asked for Kevin. he went back inside and out came a kid of about 9 years. he was Kevin! we have been teaching his family and they have been really impacted by the things that we tell them.

Other than that there is nothing much to talk about. We went up to a small city called Comonfort about an hour away from celaya to visit some investigators and we ran into some members who sell food in the commercial part of the city. They gave us something called Viril for my companion to try. Now I've always known what Viril was but I had never tried it before. they said they always liked to give it to the American elders and tell them what it is afterwards to see their reaction. I was fine with eating it but my companions reaction was pretty funny when he found out what it was. Now if you know what Rocky Mountain Oysters are, Viril is the part above those. Hold your stomach.
That's about it for this week. Love you all.
Elder Whetten
P.S. Happy wedding anniversary! I didn't get my package yet.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Dec 18??!!!!!! Yippeeee!

Well to start off, after you got me thinking about school and stuff I got the impression that I needed to come home earlier.  So I called the offices and asked if I could change my date.  And well now I'm coming home the 18th of December!  I didn't really want to do it but I guess there is a reason for everything. 
in the MTC they showed us some videos of elders teaching but my companion is telling me that they are alot better now than they were when I was in the MTC.  We have them here but we wernt able to watch them yet because nobody has a key to the office where the TV is.  Also one of my companions friends is in it.
Speaking of my companion, he has been doing really good lately learning the language.  He has been learning really fast.
The ward is starting to give us references and organize family home evening with their friends.  I was talking to our bishop yesterday about stating a missionary experience program like we got in our ward where they pass the tie and neckles around.  He liked the idea and we are going to start it next week.
That's about all for this week.  Be safe!
Elder Whetten

Monday, November 1, 2010

New Focus, Slow Going

Well this week wasn't that successful. This new way of working is going really slow. But yesterday in sacrament meeting we were able to talk to the members about what we were doing. and the bishop really helped us the third hour because he got everyone together and basically reiterated the things that we said and showed the members how it really isn't our job as missionaries to find people but that our job is to just teach. He then gave out a couple "copies" of the Book of Mormon to some members and challenged them to give it out that week. He then told them that he was going to be handing them out every week from then on. so hopefully we may be able to see some improvement soon.

Now my companion and I live in a really nice and safe neighborhood. We were kinda surprised yesterday when a hoards of children started to come to our door. We forgot that it was Halloween. not that we would have bought any candy or anything but my companion felt really bad so we gave them stickers that said in Spanish that said"I am a child of god" and "I hope they call me on a mission" on them. Most of them liked it.

But I didn't go to Leon last week. They said that they were going to postpone it until this week but I just asked my zone leader this morning and he said that everyone else but me was going and that i was going to go later. Oh well.

So that's about it for this week. Love you all!

Elder Whetten