Monday, November 15, 2010

Teaching Kevin...and his family!

well thank you for singing happy birthday to me.

The members are starting to give us references, the only thing is that all of them have been out of our area. but things are progressing.

We were looking through some old references that the Elders in the past have received and we found one named Kevin. we went to the address and a kid of about 10 years came out so we asked for Kevin. he went back inside and out came a kid of about 9 years. he was Kevin! we have been teaching his family and they have been really impacted by the things that we tell them.

Other than that there is nothing much to talk about. We went up to a small city called Comonfort about an hour away from celaya to visit some investigators and we ran into some members who sell food in the commercial part of the city. They gave us something called Viril for my companion to try. Now I've always known what Viril was but I had never tried it before. they said they always liked to give it to the American elders and tell them what it is afterwards to see their reaction. I was fine with eating it but my companions reaction was pretty funny when he found out what it was. Now if you know what Rocky Mountain Oysters are, Viril is the part above those. Hold your stomach.
That's about it for this week. Love you all.
Elder Whetten
P.S. Happy wedding anniversary! I didn't get my package yet.

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