Monday, October 25, 2010

Don't kill bugs!

Well this week was a little interesting.  I expected this new way of working to start off a little slow.  The members here aren't used to working like this so little by little we should start to see progress.  We were trying to find ways to find some investigators right away so we asked a list from the ward secretary on all the kids 9 and above who are in member family's and haven't been baptized yet and like a page of names came out.  So we should have some fun with that. 
Tomorrow i am going to Leon to be capacitaded on how and what to teach my new Elder.  (its the same capacitation that all the zone and district leaders go through.  So I might be there for about a week.  And my companion will stay with another Elder here in Celaya.
My companion and I have just read something this week from Joseph Fielding Smith where he basically says that we shouldn't kill any creation of god unless we are ready to eat it.  So my companion and I have been having a hard time not killing the bugs that are in our house.  Ha ha.  Just have to sweep them out.
Not much happened this week.  it was kinda slow due to the new way of working.  Love you all!
Elder Whetten

Monday, October 18, 2010

Open Your Mouth

First of all my reaction to your surgery wasn't anything big because I knew that gall bladder surgery isn't anything big to worry about. (most of the time) But that doesn't mean I wasn't praying for you. Glad to hear your ok.

This week we had a conference with the president and It was one heck of a conference. This mission is changing completely. We are no longer going to knock doors at all. All our work is going to be focused on the members and working through them to find the people who are ready. not only that we are going to be focusing on reactivating all the less active family's and the baptisms from late missionaries that were kinda just left to trail behind. I am so excited that we are now going to be working like we are supposed to. Our success is really going to change.

We are also going to be doing something called "open our mouths" which is two questions which members can ask people. 85% of the people who have been asked these questions were baptised. The questions are: 1. can you read? and 2. If I gave you a book that talks of Jesus Christ and his coming to the Americas, would you read it? Right now we are having all the members "open their mouths" and give out Books of Mormon to their friends.

So we are doing pretty good now. Hope everyone is doing fine and I love you all!

Elder Whetten

Friday, October 15, 2010

A Late Update

Well I guess that she is going to have to cut of on all the Diet Coke then.  This was his response to "Your mother is in the hospital having gall bladder surgery".  Mom's response, "Thanks son for your heartfelt sympathy and concern."

Well this week I had to send my companion to Leon alone so that he could get all his immigration work done. So i went with two other missionaries to their area to work a little bit and at about 4:30 I called the offices to see when they were going to send my companion back and they said that they already sent him at 1:00! Witch meant that he was probably waiting for us in the bus station for like two hours! So we rushed over there and sure enough he was there. With the very little Spanish he had he was trying to ask people if he could use their cell phone. No one let him because they thought that he was going to call the united states or something.

We also when we were looking at our food calender saw that one of our foods this week was like 15 miles away from the city. We took a bus there and I was amazed at what we saw. The city where the sister that was going to feed us lived was surrounded by millions of pine trees and everything was green. there was a waterfall. It was completely different from Celaya. It also had a huge catholic church right in the middle which was really beautiful. I didn't get a chance to take pictures because it looked kinda dangerous. but it was pretty cool.
Love you all!
Elder Whetten

Monday, October 4, 2010

Marriage before Baptism

Well things are going great right now and Conference was also great. I only missed the first session but I got to see everything else. I really loved all the talks and the spirit that they bring. unfortunately we wernt able to bring anyone to see them. it seemed like everyone is having a problem with something that made it so they couldn't go.

Elder Wanamaker and I are doing great. I forgot to say that he was from Orem, Utah.

I have been losing weight lately. (last time I checked I weighed like 120.) So I bought some protein and I am takng it everyday together with exercise to gain some weight.

We have some very interesting people we are teaching right now. We have a family where the husband has had a very bad past and is looking to change his life for the good. We are working very close with them now and they just have to get married. We left them with the challenge to get married and they are going to talk about it. when we get back they should have their answer.

But that's all for today. Love you all!

Elder Whetten

The Arizona Law

The first one I've seen