Friday, October 15, 2010

A Late Update

Well I guess that she is going to have to cut of on all the Diet Coke then.  This was his response to "Your mother is in the hospital having gall bladder surgery".  Mom's response, "Thanks son for your heartfelt sympathy and concern."

Well this week I had to send my companion to Leon alone so that he could get all his immigration work done. So i went with two other missionaries to their area to work a little bit and at about 4:30 I called the offices to see when they were going to send my companion back and they said that they already sent him at 1:00! Witch meant that he was probably waiting for us in the bus station for like two hours! So we rushed over there and sure enough he was there. With the very little Spanish he had he was trying to ask people if he could use their cell phone. No one let him because they thought that he was going to call the united states or something.

We also when we were looking at our food calender saw that one of our foods this week was like 15 miles away from the city. We took a bus there and I was amazed at what we saw. The city where the sister that was going to feed us lived was surrounded by millions of pine trees and everything was green. there was a waterfall. It was completely different from Celaya. It also had a huge catholic church right in the middle which was really beautiful. I didn't get a chance to take pictures because it looked kinda dangerous. but it was pretty cool.
Love you all!
Elder Whetten

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