Monday, October 4, 2010

Marriage before Baptism

Well things are going great right now and Conference was also great. I only missed the first session but I got to see everything else. I really loved all the talks and the spirit that they bring. unfortunately we wernt able to bring anyone to see them. it seemed like everyone is having a problem with something that made it so they couldn't go.

Elder Wanamaker and I are doing great. I forgot to say that he was from Orem, Utah.

I have been losing weight lately. (last time I checked I weighed like 120.) So I bought some protein and I am takng it everyday together with exercise to gain some weight.

We have some very interesting people we are teaching right now. We have a family where the husband has had a very bad past and is looking to change his life for the good. We are working very close with them now and they just have to get married. We left them with the challenge to get married and they are going to talk about it. when we get back they should have their answer.

But that's all for today. Love you all!

Elder Whetten

The Arizona Law

The first one I've seen

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