Monday, December 28, 2009

New Area

Yesenia and Angela - baptized 27 Dec 2009

We are working out in a place where the missionaries have never been to right now called Los Magueys it’s not a really fruitful place but we have gained two baptisms from the colony. I put a picture of them on photobucket. Unfortunately it’s the only picture. I filled up my last card and I’m now working on a different one and I forgot to bring the other card. So when are you going to send me my a card?

Well something really interesting really happened to us last week. My companion and I were just walking home from our last appointment and all of a sudden we hear a girl of five years crying and chasing a car yelling mommy mommy. I knew what had just happened at the moment and went to help the girl. She told us that her mom had just told her that she doesn't love her anymore and left her in the middle of the street and drove off with her husband. the little girl wanted to keep pursuing the car in the direction in which she saw the car go so we followed her and called the bishop to see what we could do. We stopped at a corner where there was a video store so that the bishop could come and help us out. The lady in the video store seeing that the little girl was distressed came and took the girl into the video store as we were waiting. And then the police showed up. I guess a guy who came into the store to buy a movie told the police everything that the lady told him that we told her. So the facts were a little messed up but we were the original witnesses so the police got everything right. But then the dad showed up and all of his family. The police were going to arrest him but a lot of crap happened and they had to let the girl go back with her family. It was about 11:30 at night at that time and we were really angry and mad and tired so we just went home, prayed for the girl and tried to get some rest. But that was about the biggest event that happened to us this last week.

Nothing much else to tell. Except that this New Year is going to be a little dangerous for us because its the 200th anniversary of the founding of Mexico and the 100th anniversary of the revolution of Mexico, which means that there is going to be a lot more alcohol and drugs and fireworks. But i'll be fine.

Everyone have a safe new year!

Elder Whetten

(Some of you know about my situation at work where a woman was asked to remove a nativity scene from her desk because another employee was 'offended'. The whole thing was very disturbing to me and this is Jay's idea of a resolution. It's good to know he hasn't lost his sense of humor.)

I just wanted to send a quick E-mail because I have been thinking about your situation at work and I wanted to tell you my thoughts about it. Well It kinda reminded me about an episode of the office when Michael was learning about how to resolve problems in the work place. There were a couple ways to solve things: Lose Lose. Lose Win. Win Win. And Win Win Win. The situation was that the cat lady had a poster of babies in costumes and the gay guy didn’t want her to put it up because he thought it was sick and wrong.

So what Michael did was he put a picture of the poster on a shirt and his idea was to have the gay guy wear it. In this way it was a win win win situation. Win because the cat lady could see the poster, win because the gay guy didn’t have to see it, and win because the boss didn’t have to deal with the problem anymore. Maybe your boss should apply this concept the next time something like that comes up. I just thought that was funny. I’ll write my letter now.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Well I got changed if you can tell. I had to go to a city called San Luis Potosi. It was a six hour bus ride or a three movie bus ride. (They always show movies on the buses.) None of which were really good at keeping the spirit with you so I kinda felt a little bad when I arrived. But my new companion is named Elder Gartner. He is from Payson Arizona and has one change less than me. San Luis is a very strange place when it comes to weather. Here it can be hot in the morning, rain, be hot again, and then snow.

I was kinda sad to leave my last area. We had a bunch of really cool investigators and I didn’t want to leave them. Like we just had a huge family where one of the members of the family gained fractures through almost every disk of his spine. We came and taught them about the restoration of the priesthood and asked the guy if he wanted a blessing and he accepted. But the thing is I want to know how he is doing right now.

I talked with the family here who is going to let us talk with our families this Friday and I want you guys to call at 530 your time 630 my time. (if I am not in a different time zone right now) Just call me at 530 your time. the number is 01 444 813 47 49. If there are any changes I will call you.

Nothing more to say except Merry Christmas!!! and thanks again to the support and thoughts of everyone. I really didn’t expect to experience Christmas this year, but I have learned that wherever you are and whatever your situation, the spirit of Christmas can find you in any situation. Even if you millions of miles away from all your family.

Merry Christmas to all!!!
Elder Whetten

Monday, December 14, 2009

What do I need to do to get to the Temple?

Well our division with the assistants went well. It was with Elder Hatton. We just visited the baptisms that we have coming up and looked at what we could improve on.

Christmas is coming up. We have a family here that is willing to let us use their phone for the day. I think it would be better if you bought the card. I really don’t know if I am going to be changed next Sunday or not so I’ll probably call you the next Monday or Tuesday to let you know on the number you need to call and what time. Is there a specific time that you would like?

This last conference with the president was pretty cool. President gave us all a bottle that can purify the worst water in the world. The directions say that you can even drink your own pee with it. (I think the president should have thought twice before giving these to missionaries) But now we don’t have to spend money on water anymore, we can just take it right from the faucet. He also gave us each one of the new bibles. Kinda stinks that I already have one.

I got your packages and one from Sister Peck In the meeting too. Thank you for the alarm clock and the cd´s. They get me a little more animated about getting up in the morning. My companion says thanks too. Also thanks Sister Peck for the package and for the letters. Daniel made me laugh. Also give Grandma and Grandpa thanks for the card in Spanish. Also Grammy for all her letters of support.

We encountered a woman through a member that wanted to investigate our church. She said that she has cancer in her brain and is going to die in eight months. She has a family with two kids. We taught her about life after death and temples. After we were done talking about temples she asked us what she needed to do to get into this temple and that she would do anything to be with her family again. So we are going to baptize her with her children next Sunday, hopefully with her husband, we haven’t had a chance to talk to him yet. We also talked with the bishop and he is going to see if there is a way that she could enter the temple sooner than a year because after someone is baptized they have to wait a year to enter the temple. But we gave her a blessing and I am sure that if she really wants to enter the temple that the Lord will provide her a way.

That’s about all for now. Be safe and enjoy life.

Elder Whetten

Monday, December 7, 2009

Busy with 1,000 Baptisms

Well we are going to have a meeting with the president tomorrow so I don’t think I’m going to get the packages until the next one.

I really don’t know what to talk about today. I saw the message of the first presidency yesterday about Christmas. And I thought it was really great.

We are all really busy with these thousand baptisms that we are planning to have this month. Two of the assistants have just called me and are arriving at three to come work with us today.

I’m going to need more contacts soon. I have about two boxes of six left.

I really don’t have that much more to talk about. Nothing really happened this week. Just thanks everyone for your love and support.

Enjoy life.

Elder Whetten

Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving, not a big deal!

Congratulations Cameron!!! My companion said that the people there are really humble (poor) but talk really fast. And the land is like you are in the movie Tarzan.

Thanksgiving went by without me even thinking about it. Thanksgiving was never really a holiday that was important to me for two reasons. One I have never been a really big eater, and two I always had to wash the dishes. Thanksgiving was like dish breeding day. (What a terrible Mother he had!)

Tell that guy who got baptized congratulations! One thing I have noticed is that people never really learn anything until after their baptism. I have seen so many times people who have wanted to wait one year or two because they never felt prepared for a baptism when really the preparation is the baptism. When we receive the Holy Ghost we receive the help that we need to prepare ourselves for the greater challenges and covenants of life. Whereas if we don’t receive this companion, we will never learn those things we need to know. Baptism is like God’s test of faith for us so that he can see that we are ready and prepared to progress.

During baptisms usually we have one of the missionaries and one of the members give short talks and a testimony from somebody.

The next meeting we have with the president is in two weeks so hopefully I'll get the packages by then. If not well the next changes are on the twentieth. And their sending all the missionaries that go home in this change and the next home so that they can be with their families during Christmas. So chances are big that we might get changed.

The dentist did fix my teeth. Trust me, if he pulled them out you would have known. (He didn’t use Novocain)

We’re moving to a new house soon. But that’s all for now. Have fun!!

Elder Whetten

Monday, November 23, 2009

The Tooth Fairy

(We received an email from Jay on Friday saying that he had broken a tooth flossing and one of his crowns came off another tooth.....)
Well I was able to find a guy in the ward who had a good enough relationship with a guy that he would fix my teeth for free. But I am sure glad that I live in a country where they actually use anesthesia. (I don’t know if I spelled that right.) But I’m fine. Everything’s alright. Every missionary says that your first birthday in the mission is always really bad. And the second is really good. (We had a baptism on my birthday and it fell through) But she got baptized the next day. I received the package from you and from grandma on my birthday actually. President came to do interviews on the 18th so I was able to get them both.

Great story from deadliest catch! (On Friday when I replied to his email about the teeth I wrote this... Just watching "Deadliest Catch". One of the guys had a bad tooth and the Captian gave him a pair of pliers and said, "you're not a man until you pull one of your own teeth with a pair of pliers" Just thought you'd like to hear that....Bad Mom, Huh?) Although I wouldn’t do that just to live up to a mans view of what a man is.

I remember seeing ads for New Moon in Leon. There was actually a member in Leon whose last name was Luna (moon). And his family was a band named Luna Nueva (New Moon). They played music with instruments from Southern America. When the ads came out he was a little mad that they took the name of his band.

I don’t know an Elder Steimle. I don’t think I have met him yet.

I haven’t had a chance to bake my cake yet but we are changing houses at the end of the week. We are looking at two houses right now. One is nice with an oven, but a little expensive. The other is cheaper and has furniture but doesn’t have the oven. So we’ll see what happens. We were going to go to the church to bake it today but we didn’t have time.

So that’s about it for today. I’ll see if I cant send any pictures.

Elder Whetten

Monday, November 16, 2009

Building up References

Well another week has passed and everything has been all right. My companion is really cool and has a lot of talents that I want to learn.

Being senior companion has been alright. But now that all the blame is over my head it has only gotten a little harder. I really don’t know what to talk about today. Nothing much really happened this week. We are working with the members a lot to build up references for this December of 1000 baptisms.

Our zone leaders just went to Leon yesterday so I’m hoping to get my package tomorrow.

My companion has six months in the mission. And as for English, he knows a lot of words but he doesn’t know how to speak it. He has been inactive all his life but for some odd reason he came on a mission and changed a lot. He is a very good missionary.

We are looking for new house right now. The person who owned the house wants to sell it so we have like two weeks to find a new one and move out.

I’m thinking of using some of the money I got for my birthday to send home a package of the stuff that I have received from people that I am really not going to use in the mission. Just so it’s a little easier to pack.

I can't send pictures again:(

But that’s about all thanks for everything from everyone.

Elder Whetten

Monday, November 9, 2009

Senior Companion

Well changes came again and I got changed. Well my companion got changed. I am now a senior companion and receiving a new one to work in the same area. My new companions name is Elder Ortiz. He’s from Mexico City. (And I’ve only had like an hour with him so I don’t know much else about him yet.)

We had a zone conference with the president last Tuesday. Our whole zone had to take a bus to Irapuato to meet up with another zone to have the conference. But when I was there, I didn’t receive my package or any of my letters so I’m going to have to wait another month it seems.

And I can’t be a neurologist with archeology as a hobby who teaches religion at BYU. I wouldn’t have time for my family. My third companion Elder González leaves to go home today. He called me last night from the offices asking how I was and sent me an E-mail saying how thankful he was to have had me as my companion. I almost cried. Almost.

I’m really not sure what to write, just that I love you all and I hope the best for everyone. Be safe and enjoy life.

Elder Whetten

Monday, November 2, 2009

Random Photos

This was a guy working for a funeral service.

Me teaching the Virgin Mary

On a wet day

Dia de los Muertos

Well this has been an interesting week. First off in the beginning of the week for about three days was the celebration of San Judas. There were a lot of parades and fireworks and stuff. But I still don’t get why Judas should be a saint.

I’m going to go eat rabbit today. I’ve eaten it before and it’s pretty good. I remember when dad told me that if I’m eating something and I hear a crunch, not to look to see what it was. Well I would like to change that a little for all the other missionaries. Never ask what you are eating, or you will go hungry throughout your mission.

Here in Mexico they celebrate both Halloween and la Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead). They celebrate Halloween like us (but most choose not to because they think it’s of the devil). And then on November 2nd they celebrate la Dia de los Muertos. This tradition actually came from the Aztecs. The legend is that on this day the doors to the realm of the dead open and the dead are free to visit their families and stuff like that. People usually make shrines to all their dead ancestors in their houses. They put different colored flowers in them (different colors for different purposes), the food the person liked, this special kind of bread that is only made around this time called Pan de muerte, and colored wood shavings. Nov. 1st is actually la Dia de los Santos Innocentes. Which is like the day of the dead for kids who have died. They usually include toys along with their shrines.

Since I have been here I have developed a great interest in the ancient history of the Americas. This member had this book called the Huitziloposhtli, it’s the history of the world according to the Aztecs. From what I have read it starts off comparable to Genesis and pretty similar to the Book of Mormon. But yah, im definitely going to be reading that when i get home.

But yah, that’s about it. There are some pictures coming. Be happy and enjoy life.

Elder Whetten

Monday, October 26, 2009

Pepper Spray, Dog Bites and Lightening

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Nacho Libre. But that’s about what it looks like down here if you want to know. I was actually talking to some Mexican Elders about it the other day and asked if they felt offended by it because it makes fun of Mexico a lot. And they said that if it makes fun of Mexicans in the English version well it makes fun of Americans in the Spanish version. So yah when I get home I’m going to have to watch it in Spanish to see what they were talking about.

This week was a little hard. Last Thursday I had a division with one of the zone leaders for the day and well we took a bus home. While on the bus a couple wannabe cholos got on the bus. We were sitting right by the exit and as they got off they sprayed a can of pepper spray behind them right in our faces. It didn’t get into our eyes but we breathed in a ton of it. We got right off the bus and were just lying on the ground for ten minutes just trying to breath. It was like your nose and throat were burning and the only way to stop it was to not breathe. But I’m ok!

And then the next day me and my companion were knocking doors and I went up to this gate to knock. I pulled out a coin to knock with on the metal of the gate and right when I did, this dog that I didn’t see ran up, stuck its head through the gate and bit my stomach. It grabbed onto it pretty good so I had to knee it in the neck to make it let go. I thought it bit right through me because I was in pain. But no, no teeth marks or anything, just a bruise.

Then the next day we were walking through the pouring rain and lightning struck like four houses down from us. But I’m ok!

And then later that day I had to act, In Spanish. The stake was having a talent show and I guess someone bailed out of something and I was their next choice. Oh well it was fun.

Ha ha! I was reminded of the time when I tried to tell my companion about that part in the princess bride where the priest is talking about marriage. He didn’t think it was funny though because I was trying to do the accent in Spanish translating everything. Oh well!

In Nacho Libre, all the luchadors with the masks and stuff, that’s actually pretty big here. It’s called Lucha Libre. It’s a lot different from the WWE because it’s not acted.

Well that’s all for now. Never lose the faith and enjoy life!

Elder Whetten

Monday, October 19, 2009

It's getting cold!

Well I really don’t know what to say for this week. Elder Toutai was part of our companionship for three days this week because he was having special changes. So that was kind of fun. We had fun saying stuff in front of my companion that he couldn’t understand.

It’s a little cold now, and really windy. (I think your going to have to send me a sweater) I know, great thing to tell you right before you send my birthday package huh? Did you happen to get my photo card in there?

I’m not going to be able to send any photos again. We keep going to computers that don’t have a card slot so I asked my companion if I could use his cable for his camera, but it’s the wrong type. I’ll work something out.

Sounds like everyone had fun at the zoo. I actually saw some baboons yesterday. They were in the back of a truck just swinging around.

I can’t believe that I’m going to be 20. That’s like 10 times 2! (Brilliant, Jay!)

I really can’t think of anything else to tell. I’m guess that’s all. I think we are going to be here for a while so if I think of anything else I’ll send another E-mail.

Enjoy life.
Elder Whetten

Monday, October 12, 2009

I Ate Goat!

Well the computer isn’t recognizing my card so I cant upload pictures again. I sure would like a real hamburger sometime. The hamburgers here have a patty paper thin. At least their more conscious about their meat consumption.

Speaking of meat, I had the best taco ever the other day! It had goat’s meat in it! I never thought that goat would taste so good but like I couldn’t eat for another eight hours. (Which is good because it was fasting time right after that.)

Pam and Jim got married! They waited too long.

So yah that guy that we didn’t know if he was dead or not, he’s dead. Oh well!

My companion is from Reinosa de San Lipas. At least I think that’s what its called. He talks really fast. It’s on the border underneath Texas. Our house is the best house in Celaya but everyone tells us that we have the worst area to make up for it. It is really hard here. Especially when you come right from León. But we are working as hard as we can and involving the Lord in everything we do.

I can’t think of anything else to tell you. Good luck in the walk for autism. Tell Eric hi. I wonder if we would be able to understand each other when I come back.

Enjoy life!
Elder Whetten

Monday, October 5, 2009

I See Dead People???

I didn’t get to see the first session of conference. But all the others I got to see at least half of the sessions. Elder Holland’s was pretty crazy huh? But it was a great conference. (Thanks for not sending the cinnamon rolls)

I’ve learned a lot from this last conference. But one thing that I have learned in my mission is if you really want to learn something great. Don’t necessarily take notes on what the speaker says, but what you feel and what the spirit testifies to you while he is speaking. The speaker doesn’t necessarily have to be speaking on the subject you need to learn for you to learn something about that subject. That is what I call a miracle We had a pretty good week. We found this one guy on Tuesday who was really quiet. There were a bunch of dogs going in and out of his house and acting like he wasn’t there. The next day we went to his house and were knocking his door but he wasn’t coming out. This guy walked by and said that nobody lived there. We were like ¨what do you mean nobody lives here?" He said that ten years ago a guy died there and his wife moved to Mexico City and nobody has lived there since. It kind of freaked us out a little bit and it still does a little because we have been knocking his door all week and no answer. My companion said that we don’t know if we are going to have to baptize him in the church or the temple!

I’m trying to think what I want for my birthday or Christmas. I was thinking about the Institute teacher’s manual of the history of the church which I really want. But the one for the book of Mormon is probably more useful to me now, or the New Testament. Just something I can learn from.

The mission is going for 400 more baptisms this month. And I want to talk about something. You know, these baptisms, they really aren’t ours. We baptize so that more people can come into the glory of god and so god can receive his glory. This service is just that, service, and to our god. We gain no glory from this. It doesn’t matter if one missionary has two baptisms or another has a ton. We can’t know how well a missionary did by their number of baptisms. So I am asking everybody to refrain from asking me this question. It is incorrect data to measure a missionary by. And sure its fun to know, but really its unimportant. The Lord judges missionaries by their *willingness* to find baptize and bring people to their god. Not by their success.

I can’t think of anything else to talk about. Can’t upload pictures again. Everyone have fun and enjoy life!

Elder Whetten

Monday, September 28, 2009

Liking the Area

I thought I told you guys happy birthday? Well if I didn’t, I was thinking about it all week. Seriously. Well anyway I don’t really have anything to give you guys so ill say I love you and take away more of your money. The really good bible with shipping cost like 60 dollars so I got the economy hard cover un-indexed one.

About my genealogy, I was thinking about it and I was thinking that I was making it sound like I needed it really quick. I didn’t mean to rush you or anything. Take your time, but don’t wait till the end of my mission. :) Thanks for my line of authority. I don’t know who some of these people are but this is going to help me a lot. I actually had a dream about it that made me ask you for it. I might tell you later.

I like this area. It is really hard to work here because practically nobody wants to listen to you. And the people who do, want to argue with you. But here you have to rely on the spirit a lot more to get work done and that has taught me a lot in these past two weeks.

It’s been really cloudy every day this week which has been a relief. The sun can really get you sometimes.

It is time for changes again and we didn’t get changed so we are going to be together for another six weeks. (If there aren’t any special changes)

Ah the Amazing Race! How I miss that show. And I love Japanese game shows. They are so funny. Like there is this one called "Human Tetris" Look it up on YouTube, it’s pretty funny.

We don’t have much time today so I’m not going to be able to upload any pictures. But everyone take care and enjoy life!

Elder Whetten

Monday, September 21, 2009

New Pictures

Sounds like everybody’s doing great. Congratulations on the wedding Brandon and Kelc! And everybody else who made it happen. Sounded like a lot of fun.

Our new area is pretty interesting. A lot harder than my last area. We actually have two areas that are ours. And its mostly the poor side of the city. We have been knocking all day, every day, since I have been here and we have only gotten into seven houses. None of those people are good either. This was the first time that I didn’t have anyone in the church. It wasn’t that fun. I felt like I was in Minnesota. Ha ha. No not really. I’ll have to write Logan a letter though. See how he is doing and stuff.

The names of the other elders that we live with are Elder Guterez and Elder Richards. They are a little weird to live with. But the house is really nice! We have a washing machine, and carpet, two stoves and refrigerators, fans, two bathrooms, it’s pretty cool.

Elder Toutai is one of the zone leaders here so that’s pretty cool.

I am so jealous that Uncle Larry got to go see John Pinette. Oh well.

Cameron sent in his papers! Woo hoo!!!

This internet place is playing a lot of the music that I used to listen to before my mission so it’s gettin me pretty excited for nothing if you can tell.

Well today the computer has a slot for my card so you’re going to get pictures. :) Yay!! That’s about all.

Everybody have fun. And enjoy life.

Elder Whetten

Some Rockin' Graffiti (l-r Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, John Lennon)

Enrique (67) and Ramon (72)

Sara and her Mom (Sara was 1 week away from giving birth)

On a really rainy day!

Me Bowling!

Elder de los Reyes (new companion)

Last moments together (old companion)

I found my name on a car (the logo thing even looks like a "J")

The best burrito in the world

Monday, September 14, 2009

New City - Celaya

Well this last Friday me and my companion got home and found out that we were having special changes. We were both really mad and sad. Just two missionaries crying on the floor of our house. He only had one more change left before he left to go home. We both really wanted (or needed) to stay together. I have come to really love this Elder as he has me. Before my mission I have always wanted to know what it was like to have a brother. And now I know. Not only that but I have one now. His name is Khéri González Azuada and he isn’t the same color or from the same family as me. I never knew that it was possible to love somebody so much. I never thought that it would hurt so much to leave somebody. We cried and cried. We did not want to leave each other. But there are some things that you have to do.

My new area is in a different city called Celaya. (Celaya is about halfway between Leon and Mexico City.) My new companion is Elder de los Reyes. We live in a house with another companionship. It is a lot rainier here and the city is a lot smaller and less expensive. A little bit more poverty. So I’m not going to be able to get peoples letters as fast anymore. About once a month.

Oh and I lost my hymn book I didn’t get the wedding invitation yet. But i should in about three weeks. :( Did you get me those things I asked for yet? (the genealogy and my line of authority) Those will help me out a lot.

Well that’s it for now. I just want to tell everybody that I love them and to keep the spirit in their lives.

Be safe and enjoy life.
Elder Whetten

Monday, September 7, 2009

More Baptisms

Well another week has passed. We are going for 500 baptisms this month. And preparing for the 1000 baptisms in December. Our plan is to get the members involved (they're not really good at it) so that we can get more references and not have to worry about knocking so much. (I’m planning on translating that drawing that you sent me and presenting it to the president. I’m also working on translating the Poncho Villa story because a lot of members have heard about the story here but never read the real story. Which reminds me, I need my line of authority and my genealogy for two more generations. If you can get those for me that would be great.

We went to eat with this lady this week who always serves us weird stuff, but she never tells us what it is until after we ate it. This last time she served us tacos with cow tongue and rocky mountain oyster bits. It was pretty good.

Not much has happened. I know that I don’t talk about my baptisms much but we do have them. Almost every week. Maybe I’ll start telling a story every now and then. I don’t really know what else to say. If anybody wants to know anything just ask on my blog.

Enjoy life!

Elder Whetten

Monday, August 31, 2009

Hurricanes and Baptisms

Well two of my worst nightmares that I had before my mission have happened. (Baptizing a really old and disabled person and a pregnant lady.) We baptized these two really old brothers and a lady who has about two weeks left before giving birth. It wasn’t that bad but it scared me a little.

We finished this month with 416 baptisms. We went bowling to celebrate.

We have been getting a lot of rain from the hurricane. Its only been sprinkling all day every day but it adds up. One day it rained really hard and we got really wet, but we had a good attitude about it.

You are right about how people have to bring forth fruit to be baptized. One way that we can see that is if they go to church. That is a big one for me and my companion. So much so, that if they don’t go we don’t visit them again.

We should be getting the new version of the bible in Spanish pretty soon. Yay!!

I’m going to see if I can’t find a mail box around here like the one I was using in Aguascalientes. I think all my letters perished in this one. We received new mattresses from the mission!! (Thanks Mom!) (I guess sending several email to the mission office helped!)

That’s all for today. It wasn’t a very eventful week.

Oh yah I received my package. This time I got it in nine days. There were a couple things in there that were a good surprise. Thank you!!! Enjoy life.

Elder Whetten

Monday, August 24, 2009

Thunderhole and Thunderstorms

Well another week has passed and some cool things happened. My companion received a package from his family that had a bunch of candy from Puebla in it. I tried them all and some were weird but some I really liked. And his family sent me in the package what’s called a morral. It’s a bag that is woven on the streets of Puebla by the hippies that live there. It’s pretty cool, I’m going to try to send a picture of it.

Wow that’s really crazy about Thunderhole!!! I remember when we went there to see it and it was like at a wimpy time of the year. You were telling my all about it and then we got there and I was like ¨this is it?¨ But really that’s pretty cool. (I don't think he means 'cool' in a good way. Thunderhole is a tourist site in Maine that Jay and I went to see two years ago. Yesterday some people were swept into the ocean there by a rogue wave and a 7 year-old girl was killed. Check out the story here )

Speaking of thunder, about two nights ago it started raining hard and thundering. It was thunder like I’ve never heard before. And it was striking all around in the neighborhood! One struck the ground three times in front of our house. You could actually hear the actual bolts! It was crazy! I was actually a little scared.

We got rid of the bed bugs but we are still sleeping on the floor because we are still a little scared of the mattresses. And we are used to it.

Well that’s about it and we don’t have much time. I’ll write again next week. Enjoy life!
Elder Whetten

Today Mexico vs. United States (we lost)

My Morral

The Mexican Sunset

The effects of the storm

Monday, August 17, 2009

No transfer!

Well I just got back from listening to Elder Christofferson. Well I can’t really say ¨listen¨ because I fell asleep. The president had this elder who was leaving in three days spend the time with us until he left. And he snored like crazy! They were like reverberating of the walls! So yah I only got like three hours of sleep last night. But he is gone now.

Oh and changes happened again today, and I’m not getting changed again. My companion is a little bittersweet about it because he has seven and a half months in this area and he was hoping to go to a new one. But he doesn’t want to leave me as a companion either. He only has two changes left before he goes home so it would be cool if I get to kill him.

We haven’t been able to kill them (bedbugs) yet :( but we are trying new techniques. When we brought the mattresses to our new house we brought them strait to our back yard and we are keeping them there until we completely exterminate them.

I have four canker sores!!!! Yep I am really suffering. Especially when it comes to chili. But I talked with my mission president’s wife and she gave me many remedies that I haven’t heard before so I’m going to be trying them tonight.

Oh and those letters from my primary you said I was getting. They were actually letters from the girls at girl’s camp. I thought it was kind of funny though. I told my companion that they were letters from my primary class but when I opened it I was pulling out pictures of a bunch of girls with letters from them (they were actually their testimonies) But yah it was kind of funny.

The first vision is an important part of our teachings of our church. We teach it first because that is what gives our church the authority to claim the things that we do. It shows that this church doesn’t have to rely on teachings of ancient prophets or scriptures which can be changed by men, but that Jesus the Christ actually restored his church with all the keys and authority that will bring people to their salvation.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Short and Sweet

Hey!! No I’m not getting transferred, at least, not that I know yet. But we are moving. Our land lady wasn’t doing what she said she was supposed to be doing so we decided to move. Though we aren’t getting new mattresses. The bed bugs came back so we are going to go talk with the president.

I just got back from splits with the zone leaders, that’s why my e-mail is so late. This week wasn’t very eventful. Me and my companion have been having a lot of fun working. Did I ever mention that Elder Christoferson was coming to visit us? I knew for about a month but they told all the missionaries last Friday. He is coming next Monday. but this time we aren’t gathering all the missionaries in the mission. It’s just going to be with our zone.

We are the number one mission in Mexico in the numbers so a lot of important people want to talk to us I guess.

It is really different living so close to the offices. you can just go over their and pick up materials you need without stressing about not having anything to give investigators. Last Sunday we found the president visiting our ward. But it was ok, we had something to show for it.

I really wish I could say more but I really can’t. Sorry everybody. :) Just be sure to trust in the Lord. He knows what you’re going through. And enjoy life!!!

Elder Whetten

Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh, BTW we had some Baptisms

Well we got rid of the bed bugs but we don’t feel comfortable about sleeping on our mattresses so we are still sleeping on our clothes. We’ve gotten pretty used to it. We are going to talk to our president about getting new mattresses because we really don’t know what they might have left in there. Plus my companion’s mission card doesn’t work anymore so we are only using my half of the money until he gets his new one.

Thanks for the package! I went to the offices on Thursday and it was there. And I loved everything that was in it. You know me very well. And I love the cashew sweet and salty bars but I really love the peanut butter ones two. Also the craisins, man I miss those. And thanks grandma for the molasses cookies. They really reminded me of you. Some members gave us a package of Oreos so we had them with the peanut butter you gave me too. Oh and you don’t have to give me pencils at the moment, a missionary who left gave me like 200 of them. But thanks for the thought. (I know he doesn't NEED pencils, I just put them in every package so I can write on the customs slip "Missionary supplies - pencils, etc.")

It was my companions birthday on the 31st. A rich member gave us money to go to a Chinese buffet and I ended up doing impressions and telling my companion about John Pinette the whole time. You know ¨Fer-weewee!!¨ ha ha

We had a crazy experience this last week when we found ourselves in one of those ¨Devil be gone!¨ churches. Where people fall over and convulse and stuff. Ill tell the whole story when I get home.

Time goes by so fast here. Its like one day it’s Sunday, and then the next day is Sunday again. Well I just reviewed all about what happened this week with my companion and it seems like I talked about everything. Except we had some really good baptisms. Love you all and enjoy life.

Elder Whetten

Monday, July 27, 2009

Colonia Resident Evil

Yes I have had mole. The members have given it to me a lot. Sometimes they have mole enchiladas. When I first had it I thought it was kinda weird but now I like it. I don’t know if I said it but here they like to mix fruit with their water. And they are pretty good at it. But there was this one that I hated called tamariado. It was bitter and weird tasting. They wait until the fruit dries up and then they blend it with their water. But now I kind of like it. Funny how that is.

Last Thursday we found out that we had been sleeping with bed bugs. I have been putting on bug repellant for two weeks but I was always waking up with bug bites. Then on Thursday I layed my head down and brushed away what looked like dirt on my mattress. And then things started crawling. I jumped out of bed and yelled ¨¡Santa Vaca!¨ (Holy Cow!) Which scared my companion because he was praying at the time. I showed him my bed and we checked out his and his had them too. So we have been having a few restless nights sleeping on our clothes but right now we are in the process of exterminating the whole house. But that’s the mission life.

I got a hair cut. I don’t have a picture of it because I don’t have batteries. But the other night when we came home a girl said that I looked like a cross between Brad Pitt and Tom Cruse. We had a big laugh over that.

For some reason I was thinking that General Conference was this month. I probably won’t be with my companion when it comes so you don’t have to send fudge if you cant, or something, I don’t know, I guess you can.

Last week my companion and I took the wrong bus and fell asleep. We ended up in an area of houses that looked a lot like resident evil 4 (I don’t expect any of you to know what that looks like so just imagine a scary looking town with a bunch of broken down wooden houses.) We found our way back and looked at our map to see if it was in our area. It wasn’t on the map but we found out that it was. We went back this week and found out that Elders haven’t been there for four years. So now we are working in what my companion has dubbed ¨Colonia Resident Evil.¨ And we have been having a lot of success here. Nobody has denied hearing our message yet.

Well that’s all for now. I appreciate all of the support that I have received from my friends and family. Be it in letters or angels. Enjoy life.

Elder Whetten

This is the picture the kid on the street drew of my companion and me.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ventriloquists, Fudge and Nazis (Oh My!)

Well we have had a pretty interesting week. We were on a bus yesterday and on the bus was a clown that was a ventriloquist. Nobody was laughing at him. Or his little friend. But at the end right before he got off he took a picture of me with this really old camera and when he pulled my picture out, it was a picture of Tom Welling. That was when everyone on the bus laughed. I guess they like racist jokes. (Mom here - for those of you, like me, who don't know who Tom Welling is a pic of him. I don't get why that's a racist joke!)

Me and my companion met this guy yesterday who was visiting Mexico with his Mexican wife. He is from Aruba and he knew English so me and my companion were just talking in English to him. But the thing is the language there is called Apiemento, and it’s like a cross between English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and French. The guy knew all these languages too. But he had two little daughters that only knew Apiemento, Spanish, And Dutch. And they didn’t like to speak Spanish so they would speak in Apiemento to their parents and sister. It was kind of weird. But we had a pretty good talk with him.

We have an Emergency. My companion doesn’t know what fudge is. I think your going to have to send some peanut butter fudge with my cinnamon rolls. And my photo card. All my companions have asked me about my friends and family before my mission and I don’t have anything to show them. Also I think I forgot to mention last time about stamps. I have had a letter for you and grandma for a while but I haven’t been able to send it! Please send me some stamps.

You should send me Photos of our new car, and fridge. Those kind of things are exciting to me now.

Michael Jackson was too big of a deal over here too. He was on every news paper and channel for a while. But he has died out. (Really, really bad pun Jay!)

We were contacting the other day and I had someone tell me that I looked like a Nazi. I guess the sun is bleaching my hair a lot.

I am sorry but this is another week in which I am not able to send pictures. Sorry. :,( That’s all for now. Enjoy life and keep the Lord in it too!

Elder Whetten

Monday, July 13, 2009

I Like Chili but Send Food!

Well I have been eating a lot more chili ever since. They have these things called guacamayas. They are like a piece of bread that they slice in halve and they put fried and dried pig skins in it with a lot of really hot salsa. It’s really spicy but really good. (The last time I ate one I couldn’t finish it because it was so hot. Ha ha!) But now I really like them.

This last week we found three big families that are all really ready to be baptized. We are going to baptize them Friday and Saturday. We are proud of the progress that they have made in their lives in this short time. I have a video of the building-up to burning my tie but I think it’s too big to send. I also don’t think I’ll be able to send pictures today.

Do you think you could ask Grammy to send me some molasses cookies? That would be great. Also if you’re sending me that peanut butter package for me soon, remember to send my photo card ok? And maybe a couple cinnamon rolls for conference coming up? I really missed that last time.

This week really wasn’t too interesting. It feels like I was just writing home yesterday. We played some soccer with some little kids earlier today. And they were beating me badly. The only thing I was good at was goalie. (from all the MTC four square I bet. Ha ha!)

There is this one little kid that we pass by a couple days a week. Every time we do he demands me to show him a magic trick. Just the other day he said that he wanted to grow up to be just like me ¨But then I would have to bleach my skin like Michel Jackson.¨ He said. Ha ha. How is America taking the fact that he died by the way?

Oh that reminds me! This kid drew a picture of me and my companion. I’ll have to take a picture and show it next week. Its pretty funny looking. Well I really don’t know anything else to say. I think my companion and I are going to visit some of the Old Catholic cathedrals around here after this. I’ll be sure to take pictures. Be sure to enjoy life!

Elder Whetten

P.S. Enjoy your new car!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Jay and the Chili

Six Months!

Well today is a day for new changes but I’m not getting changed!!! Me and my companion are both really happy about that. We have a lot of really great investigators at the moment and neither of us wanted to leave them.

There were two white guys in church yesterday so I went to talk to them. They were both here on a business trip to teach the members of their company here in México about a certain new thing in their business. They both served their missions in México and they both lived in Arizona. It was pretty cool to talk to some white people in half English.

Yesterday was also voting day here in Mexico. Which means go vote and go back to sleep. So yesterday was kind of hard.

Ok so we got a ride from a member one time this week and he took us in one of those huge trucks. When it came time to drop us off at where we needed to be, he had to stop in a place where cars were still coming. So we had to get out quickly. I was in the middle so I got out after my companion. The problem was that my foot got stuck on the seat and the rest of my body was still moving forward. The driver seeing this suddenly stopped the car which slammed my face in the dirt. When my companion turned around all he saw was me with one leg in the truck and my face and arms sprawled out in the dirt just groaning. I’m ok don’t worry. I just thought it was funny. I still have my beautiful face. But my shin got really bloody and I still have no Idea how it got that way.

It rained every day this week but It’s still really hot. Tell everyone thanks for writing me. I really appreciated it. Me and my companion have been playing rummy every P-day. He is really good at it. He always beats me with one of those huge ¨switch everything up¨ moves.

Well I passed my six months and the tradition here is that you burn a tie. I made a video but I think that it’s too big to send. Oh well.

My companion did teach me how to eat chili though. I was eating something really hot the other day and with my mouth burning and my nose running I asked my companion what the point of chili was. ¨It has no flavor!¨ I said. My companion told me that it’s not about the flavor. People eat chili because they like the feeling. Once you eat it for the feeling and not the flavor it won’t be as bad. So I tried it and believe it or not I like chili now!!! I even ate habenero chili the other day. Now I know you might not believe that so I made a video that I think is small enough to send. But yah there is one part of the culture that I have learned.

Well I didn’t see any fire works over here. (they did have some at 6:00 at night though. It was weird. After they were don’t all the church bells started to ring. I think they were celebrating a saint or something like that.

Well that’s all for now. Keep working hard, praying out loud and reading your scriptures. Just enjoy life.

Elder Whetten

They have moths here twice this big!

Monday, June 29, 2009


Well, it has been another week with a lot of crazy tiring work. It seems that time moves so fast. I hit 6 months tomorrow and it only feels like I’ve been here for two. I feel like time is slipping away from me. Like I’m over judging how much time I really have here. I have to study hard every day to make sure that I can keep up with this broken space-time continuum. The spirit is such an amazing thing. I am so glad to have the spirit with me as a guide every day of my life. I am so glad to have my friends and family who support me here. I am so grateful for the sacrifices made by Joseph Smith so that we could have the Book of Mormon and the gospel in our life. I love the words of the scriptures and the prophets and apostles that we have to listen to in our day and all the help that we can get from them if we heed to their words. Most of all I love the Lord and all that he is willing to put us through because he loves us.

I don’t have anything to talk about today. Tell dad that he needs to enjoy life and go places. I can’t send any pictures today again. Sorry. Remember to bless the people you love in your prayers. My companion might be here for a while so if I think of something else Ill write another E-mail.

Elder Whetten

Monday, June 22, 2009

Bedar's visit & a baptisim

Mom here - it seems that Jay's Spanish must be getting better, because his English seems to be suffering. I didn't change anything, just corrected spelling. Have fun trying to decipher his message...

Well when Bednar came he started off by reading to us a scripture And said that when an apostle reads a scripture he does so with the same power and authority to the people he is reading it to as the original prophet or apostle who wrote it. Before he came he asked us to read two talks that he wrote. We started off by discussing them with him. Then he asked us how we could apply how we were going about this meeting in our teachings. We discussed that a little bit and then he invited us to ask him questions about anything. After that he invited us again to observe how we could apply this manner of discussing to our teachings. Then he asked us how many of us had a question they didn’t ask. Almost all of us raised our hands. Then he asked us how many of us received an answer to our questions even though we didn’t ask it and nobody else did. All of us kept our hands up. He read that scripture again and said ¨Elders and sisters, you have just witnessed a miracle.¨ we were talking to him for three hours so we talked about a lot of interesting things. About faith and stuff. It was really great.

Well we moved into our new house and the lady really screwed us over. She was supposed to have the boiler fixed and it wasn’t. She took everything in the house so it was just a shoe box. The blinds, the shower curtain. She didn’t tell us that the switch for the water is inside the neighbors house. So every morning we have to go to her house and wake her up for water so we can shower. And part of the roof is gone!! But it’s a house. And I don’t really care that much.

We had a baptism on Saturday for a family of three in which the font was freezing cold. The next day the wife got an infection from the font and they weren’t coming to church to get confirmed. We were going to go over and bless her and confirm her after sacrament meeting because I was speaking in church for someone who didn’t show up. But at the end I was bearing my testimony and I looked up and the family was sitting in the congregation. It made me really happy and we confirmed them after my talk. We gave the wife a blessing and she felt better when she got home the infection was gone and the family said that with the spirit they all felt at one again.

I don’t have anything else to report on. Just working really hard and doing my best. Tell dad happy fathers day.

Elder Whetten

Sorry I forgot the scripture, it was in D&C 88 somewhere. I forgot to bring my planner; I have it written down in there. But basically it said that when the Elders and Sisters assemble themselves together in the purpose of the Lord, the Lord will pour out his spirit upon them.

Monday, June 15, 2009


New House

Ok well Bednar is actually coming on the 19th. Not the 16th. I typed it wrong.

We found a new house and we are moving in today. When we looked at the house, it was really nice. It had cabinets and an oven and stove. The whole house was really nice. But when the lady started moving out she took all the cabinets and the oven, stove, curtains, shelves, the bars to hang your clothes on, everything!!. The house looks like crap now. Especially the kitchen, because the cabinets were made for it. And half of them were the counters too. Me and my companion were pretty mad. He said that that is just what it’s like in Mexico. But we do have a stone wood oven on our roof. We are never going to use it though. I would be too scared to try.

Nothing much happened this week. We had a lot of investigators to take to the church this week. And It looks like we are going to break 300 baptisms again. There is a rumor going around that Monson is going to visit if we keep it up. I don’t believe it though.

I don’t know if you have heard but the most correct bible in Spanish was translated in 1960 and that’s the one we have been using. But they have just released a new King James Version in Spanish with cross references to the BOM, PGP, and the D&C. And the rumor is that the first presidency wants us to have it for free. (You hear a lot of rumors when your so close to the offices.)

Oh and in our new house we don’t have hot water at the moment. But that’s ok. I have taken a shower with cold water for a month before this change.

Elder Gonzalez sends his love. I really don’t know what else to talk about. Imagine visiting 25 people every day in the hot sun of Mexico. That’s what I’m doing. Enjoy life.

Elder Whetten

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bednar is coming!

Well we finished off the month with 355 baptisms. With another month of hard work ahead of us. Bednar is coming on the 16th and the best part of it is the building that he is going to speak to us at is in my companion and my area. So we don’t have to travel far and we will have more time to work with the spirit that he gives us. This area is a lot different. You have some popsicle stick houses on the outside of our area but when we knock those, they aren’t as humble as the people living in the rich houses. It’s very confusing because I would think it would be the opposite.

I think that was Bednar that said that the first principle of the gospel is faith in Jesus Christ. And I totally agree. We can have faith but faith in what? We can have it in many things but probably the most important is Jesus Christ; for if we have faith in him, we are doing the works necessary that we need to help us spiritually and eternally. Such as reading the scriptures, praying, going to church, and enduring to the end.

I taught my companion how to play rummy last night. It was kind of hard to remember how to play it but after a little while we got it and were having fun. He also taught me a game called Con Quen. Its kind of like rummy but a lot more cut throat and shorter. Too bad we can only play one day a week.

About my hair cut. I think it makes me look older because it shows off where I’m balding. Ha ha!!

Spanish is coming along a lot easier now. I’m feeling like I’m using a lot of my own words and I really don’t have to think that much at all anymore. Just speak.

I got your package and everything got here fine. But you forgot to send me my photo card! It would be nice if you could send it. And the insoles are working great and so are my feet.

Well I have to go. Tell Galen happy birthday!! I’m writing in my journal. Praying, working hard. Having a good time here. Be safe and enjoy life.

Elder Whetten

Monday, June 1, 2009

In a New City (Leon)

Well I’m in my new area. My new companions name is Elder Gonzalez and he is a good Elder. Very spiritual and nice. A lot different from all the other native missionaries here. He jokes around a lot and he is from Puebla. He has been learning English since he was ten so he knows pretty good English and prefers to speak it. But we only speak English at home. And Puebla isn’t as bad as you made it sound like.

Here in Leon, my area has all the best parts of Leon in it. It has centeral, where the governor is, all the old catholic cathedrals. It’s pretty sweet. The people are a lot richer here. And all the houses are bigger. Which makes it a little harder to teach to people because there is a little more pride. But it’s all good! Believe it or not I’m experiencing a lot more culture here. One member has and plays a bunch of instruments from Mexico and Southern America and he is making me a type of bamboo flute from Bolivia right now.

Well those stamps have been working so I don’t see why I wouldn’t be able to use them. And for my package, They usually take four weeks to get here because the president takes the packages to our areas when he comes to visit. But since I live so close to the offices I can just drop by to pick it up.

Yah so I’m not living in the offices, We have our own house. The houses are a little more expensive here. In Aguascalientes they run around 120-150 dollars a month, but here there about 200-220 a month. And we are having problems with our land lady right now so we are looking for a new house yet again. Transportation is a little more expensive here too.

Salmon tacos with mango salsa sound good right now. You can’t find many fish tacos here. They have them more around the border of Mexico. And speaking of food, the members serve us better food here. Most of them cook American too!

Well I didn’t bring your letter of how to write a good email with me today to give me ideas so this is the best I can do for now. Love you all. Read the scriptures and pray every day. It really helps.

Elder Whetten

Elder Toutai and I on the way to the bus station. :(

Elder Gonzalez and I. :)

Monday, May 25, 2009

300 Baptisms!

Ok well I have some good news and some goodish-bad news. The good news is that we broke 300 baptisms this month! And my companionship was the one to break the 300 with four baptisms yesterday!! So Bednar should be coming sometime soon and Elder Schow has the opportunity to translate for him.

The Bad news is its time for changes again and we got changed. I am very sad right now. I don’t want to leave my companion. Elder Toutai and I have seen many miracles together and we don’t want to leave each other yet. But we all have to get changed sometime. Elder Toutai is getting a kid as is Elders Hatton and Schow. We still haven’t found a house and since Elders Hatton and Schow are zone leaders they have to live in the same house together. So this coming week they will have six Elders in one house.

But I am actually leaving my area to a different state. Tomorrow I will be leaving to Leon to work in the area of the president and all of his assistants so it’s pretty exciting too.

The language is coming along just fine. I can understand people and they can understand me. Sometimes it is hard for me because I can’t quite teach in my own words sometimes. But when I really need to talk in those special moments, I have seen many miracles with the gift of tongues and I am thankful for all of your prayers. I really need them sometimes.

I don’t really have any Ideas for you but we do role playing in our meetings a lot. We give everyone a doubt or problem while one person is prepared then one missionary tries to find the prepared. The prepared has a doubt too but you have to get past that doubt to find them.

Tell grandma Happy Birthday. Ill Talk to you guys next week.

Love you all!

Elder Whetten

Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy Missionaries

Our experiences aren’t really that easy most of the time. People never just come up to us and ask about our faith. Although we did have something pretty close to it this last week. We found this woman who told us that she had a dream that she was at her church listening to the pastor and everyone around her was singing and praying, but she was crying. She had another dream that she was in a room and someone was just talking to her, but she was crying again. She had both of these dreams twice, and she interpreted it as God telling her that this church that she was in wasn’t the right one for her and she needed to find the true church. We have been having some really good conversations with her and we brought her to church yesterday and she made some good friends. She has some great potential and we have a baptism scheduled for her on Saturday.

Yah living with the zone leaders has been a real learning experience. We definitely have learned a lot that we wouldn’t have if we were just learning on our own. Also Elder Schow knows Spanish better that the natives so he has been a lot of help. We still haven’t found a house though.

More-ron-knee is how it’s pronounced over here. Just like neff-fee.

I am trying really hard to write in my journal. It gets hard sometimes when you get four tired Americans in one house after a long day. But I am doing it. I hope everyone is having a good time and making the best of life. Keep the spirit and appreciate the things that you have.

Elder Whetten

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Amazing Experiences

Ok sorry if I scared you by not sending you an E-mail yesterday but we were really busy and we didn’t have time to go to the internet. I enjoyed talking to you guys yesterday. Reminded me of home a little.

Anyway I’m going to start off with an experience that I really like. One day I think it was the first week that me and Elder Toutai had together, we were just walking to another part of our area and we felt the impression to go knock on this door at the end of the street. An old lady answered and we asked if she wanted to hear our message. She told us that she didn’t have time right now and we made an appointment to come back later. (This usually means that their not going to be there and their not interested.) But we came back anyway and much to our disappointment she was not home. We were confused and didn’t know what to do. But we knew we got that impression for a reason so we kept coming back. After the fourth try she answered the door and let us in. We taught her and her grandson of 9 years who was present at the time. She accepted our challenge to pray about our message just like anybody else would, but the lesson wasn’t that significant. The next day we came back and she let us in and she was very excited as was her grandson. They got an answer to their prayers and I don’t think that anything could have impeded on their testimony then, that this gospel was true. They were since then totally receptive to what we taught them and if they had a problem contrary to what we were teaching them, they would change that part of themselves immediately. Rosalia and Soulo were just two of the prepared souls that God has lead us to.

Rosalia and Soulo

There is another story that I want to tell. One day my companion and I were not having any success at all. It came to the end of the day and we were tired and discouraged. It was almost the end of the day and it didn’t amount to anything. I started thinking "Please God just give us someone to teach, give us something to do, Bless us with references or something." (Later I found out that my companion was thinking the same thing at the same time as me.) At that moment a lady came down the street yelling "Elders, Elders! I have references for you!" My companion and I looked at each other and practically fell over laughing. One because we knew we were both thinking the same thing and two because the lady said it in English. She wanted us to teach her boy friend and her neighbors. The neighbors have since then been baptized but we had to let the boyfriend go.

The neighbors

We weren’t able to go looking for a house yesterday because we were so busy. But some time this week we should be able to.
I love you guys. Enjoy life and get your food storage ready!

Elder Whetten

Mother's Day Phone Call

We got to speak to Jay on Sunday for about 40 minutes. It was so wonderful to hear his voice and hear his enthusiasm for his mission. They are working really hard this month. The mission has a goal for 300 baptisms! He said he really thinks they can do it. If they accomplish it Elder Bednar will come speak to them. He said he and his companion have had some baptisms but he wouldn’t tell me how many because he said he doesn’t want to brag and “keep score”. He said we would write on Monday and tell me some of the experiences he has had but I didn’t get an email from him yesterday.

He said the area where he is right now is hilly and he enjoys that. The weather is much like it is here in Arizona. It’s only rained three times since he has been there. They were supposed to look for a place to live yesterday, so they wouldn’t have to live with the Zone Leaders any more. He said he really enjoyed staying with them but was tired of sleeping on the floor.

I asked him what the members feed them every day and he said mostly tortillas and meat (not a lot of beans) but it was all really hot. He is trying to get used to the hot food.

He spoke some Spanish to us. It sounded really good to us! He didn’t seem to hesitate much.

His companion, Elder Toutai, got on the phone and spoke to us as well. He told us how much he enjoyed working with Elder Whetten and what a good missionary he was. That was nice.

One last kinda funny thing...the government asked everyone not to wear their ties for a while because of the swine flu. I guess they think that it's a place where germs can harbor, because they are not washed frequently. He said all the missionaries were doing as the government asked, but when they went to Church on Sunday all the members had ties on and the missionaries did not.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Short but sweet! And Pictures!

The swine flu really isnt a big deal, the virus if treated right dies in 24 hours. Some people wear masks because of what they heard and everyone else who doesnt have a form of news wears them because everyone else is. Which makes it look like a big deal. But I'm fine.

None of the elders have gotten sick and I thing its a cover up anyway. ;) We didn't have church because the government put a law against any large group meetings. So it was just like any other day, we just went out and worked. And I would never stay inside my house, and yes we live in houses not apartments.

We have to go pretty soon but if I have time I'll come back tonight to finish up my E-mail. We are pretty busy right now and this month is a month of sacrafice for us. (which means no P-days) I'm going to try sending some pictures before I go. Love you all!!!

The captions are written by Jay...

The effects of the swine flu!

Real tostitos!

Good times living with the zone leaders!

Looking pretty in my new tie!

Looking bad in my other new tie!

Monday, April 27, 2009

Robberies, Swine Flu and Earthquakes. Oh My!

Yah we got robbed. I was contemplating on if I should tell you or not. But Elder Hatton said he told his mom so I figured it would reach you anyway. The first day they just took all of our electronics (except for those grey speakers you gave me) So my CD player is gone, and my black speakers, they even took my electric toothbrush!!! So that needs to be replaced. I think I can find one the next time I go to Costco or somewhere. The second time they robbed us was the next day and we reinforced the door so they couldn’t get in so they just took our tank of gas. So now we are living with the zone leaders and looking for a new house.

Yah everyone in Mexico is wearing face masks right now, trying to keep themselves from getting sick. But we are just working hard and trusting that the Lord will take care of us.

I didn’t feel anything this morning, Aguascalientes is pretty far from Mexico City. (I asked him if he felt the earthquake).

As for the call for Mothers Day, how this is going to work is I’m going to call you before to set up a time that I am going to call you and then I am going to go buy a phone card and call you at that time. (I’ll have more money by then and phone cards are pretty cheap.)

I can’t see half the letters on this keyboard so some words might be weird. But I’ve got to go. I love my companion. We are working hard. We are having amazing experiences.

Love you all. And enjoy the moment you are living right now.

Elder Whetten

Monday, April 20, 2009

New Area - New Experiences

Well my first week has gone by just fine. My companion Elder Toutai (not Toetai) is a hard worker and knows how to be obedient. So we are getting along just fine and having a lot of fun working really hard. We have quickly learned that you don’t have to know the language to have the spirit as a witness to testify of the truthfulness of the gospel. But we are still studying hard trying our best. We are the story of the mission right now though. The assistants to the president call us a lot to see how we are doing. But the Lord is blessing us a lot in our efforts.

My new house is a little different in some ways. My last house had a boiler but this one doesn’t. It’s ok though. This town is called Aguascalientes (agua for water and caliente for hot) because the water is naturally hot in some places. I don’t know why so don’t ask me. But my last house wasn’t in one of those places but this one is. But there is one problem. We don’t have enough money to pay the water bill. So the water that we have is cold. It’s ok though. The rest of the day is going to be hot so I try to enjoy it. Our house is a lot quieter at night as well.

Well for the package I do still need packing tape. And my memorycard. Maybe some CDs that are consistent with my calling. Like Motab. If you can find a pocket translator that would be cool. But anything you feel like I would need, go ahead and send it. Or also an electric razor. I’m getting some pretty bad razor burn marks.

My new area has a lot more trees and a lot of high steep hills so I love it here. But for some reason nobody can understand me here.

Well that’s all for now. Love ya.

Elder WhettenElder Toutai and Elder Whetten

Herbie the Love Bug - Jay LOVED these movies when he was little.

A Mexican Bus Stop

Monday, April 13, 2009


It say's "Who will you be with this Semana Santa (Holy Week)?

This must be Elder Toetai - his new companion.

New Companion

This last week was Semana Santa. And it was pretty interesting. Every day the towns and churches perform a different part of Christ’s last days. On Friday I got to see part of the big performance in Mexico City. We were at a dinner appointment and the family had the TV on the news feed of the performance in Mexico City. It was on Friday so it was on Christ’s journey and death. And man was it bad! (Jay was in the incredible Easter Pageant at the Mesa Temple for four years in a row, check out pics of it at I'm sure that is what he is comparing it to.) First of all, all the actors had one of those big microphones that you hold which didn’t look right. And they had this weird opera music playing during the whole thing, and angel was following Christ everywhere, and most of it was wrong. Like on time in his journey, a woman stopped him and asked him if he could remove her sins. The actor playing Christ then replied "God suffered for your sins."

But yah, that’s what Easter here is like. Today marks my 99th day in the mission and the end of my first change. God has decided to give me a new companion and tomorrow I go to a different part of Aguascalientes to serve with Elder Toetai. He is a Tongan from California and he only has one more change than I do which means that our experience is about the same. To put this into perspective, I remember seeing him in the MTC. All the elders say that they have never seen something like this happen before. No two Americans have ever been assigned as companions either. But we are up for the challenge, and we know that if we put our trust in God and work hard that we will have success.

That thing that I am holding in my hand is a corn. Don’t you remember Nacho Libre? Watch it again.

And that calendar is our dinner appointment calendar. And don’t worry about what’s written on it. I am on my mission and all I care about is serving the Lord.

I don’t have any good pictures of Toetai but I will send the one I do have that I took today when we went bowling. Well that’s about it.

Tell Beth congrats. I have a lot of hard work ahead of me and I am ready to take it on. Contention is of the devil. God is love.

Elder Whetten

Monday, April 6, 2009

A few more pictures

These came in a few hours after the others.....