Monday, June 15, 2009

New House

Ok well Bednar is actually coming on the 19th. Not the 16th. I typed it wrong.

We found a new house and we are moving in today. When we looked at the house, it was really nice. It had cabinets and an oven and stove. The whole house was really nice. But when the lady started moving out she took all the cabinets and the oven, stove, curtains, shelves, the bars to hang your clothes on, everything!!. The house looks like crap now. Especially the kitchen, because the cabinets were made for it. And half of them were the counters too. Me and my companion were pretty mad. He said that that is just what it’s like in Mexico. But we do have a stone wood oven on our roof. We are never going to use it though. I would be too scared to try.

Nothing much happened this week. We had a lot of investigators to take to the church this week. And It looks like we are going to break 300 baptisms again. There is a rumor going around that Monson is going to visit if we keep it up. I don’t believe it though.

I don’t know if you have heard but the most correct bible in Spanish was translated in 1960 and that’s the one we have been using. But they have just released a new King James Version in Spanish with cross references to the BOM, PGP, and the D&C. And the rumor is that the first presidency wants us to have it for free. (You hear a lot of rumors when your so close to the offices.)

Oh and in our new house we don’t have hot water at the moment. But that’s ok. I have taken a shower with cold water for a month before this change.

Elder Gonzalez sends his love. I really don’t know what else to talk about. Imagine visiting 25 people every day in the hot sun of Mexico. That’s what I’m doing. Enjoy life.

Elder Whetten

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