Monday, June 22, 2009

Bedar's visit & a baptisim

Mom here - it seems that Jay's Spanish must be getting better, because his English seems to be suffering. I didn't change anything, just corrected spelling. Have fun trying to decipher his message...

Well when Bednar came he started off by reading to us a scripture And said that when an apostle reads a scripture he does so with the same power and authority to the people he is reading it to as the original prophet or apostle who wrote it. Before he came he asked us to read two talks that he wrote. We started off by discussing them with him. Then he asked us how we could apply how we were going about this meeting in our teachings. We discussed that a little bit and then he invited us to ask him questions about anything. After that he invited us again to observe how we could apply this manner of discussing to our teachings. Then he asked us how many of us had a question they didn’t ask. Almost all of us raised our hands. Then he asked us how many of us received an answer to our questions even though we didn’t ask it and nobody else did. All of us kept our hands up. He read that scripture again and said ¨Elders and sisters, you have just witnessed a miracle.¨ we were talking to him for three hours so we talked about a lot of interesting things. About faith and stuff. It was really great.

Well we moved into our new house and the lady really screwed us over. She was supposed to have the boiler fixed and it wasn’t. She took everything in the house so it was just a shoe box. The blinds, the shower curtain. She didn’t tell us that the switch for the water is inside the neighbors house. So every morning we have to go to her house and wake her up for water so we can shower. And part of the roof is gone!! But it’s a house. And I don’t really care that much.

We had a baptism on Saturday for a family of three in which the font was freezing cold. The next day the wife got an infection from the font and they weren’t coming to church to get confirmed. We were going to go over and bless her and confirm her after sacrament meeting because I was speaking in church for someone who didn’t show up. But at the end I was bearing my testimony and I looked up and the family was sitting in the congregation. It made me really happy and we confirmed them after my talk. We gave the wife a blessing and she felt better when she got home the infection was gone and the family said that with the spirit they all felt at one again.

I don’t have anything else to report on. Just working really hard and doing my best. Tell dad happy fathers day.

Elder Whetten

Sorry I forgot the scripture, it was in D&C 88 somewhere. I forgot to bring my planner; I have it written down in there. But basically it said that when the Elders and Sisters assemble themselves together in the purpose of the Lord, the Lord will pour out his spirit upon them.

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