Monday, September 27, 2010

Elder Wanamaker

Elder Wanamaker
Welcome Elder Wanamaker!

Gringo Greenie

Well we had interviews with the president this last Wednesday and he was just asking me if I was being obedient and if I was getting along with my companion. Then at the end of the talk we had he told me that the very next day we were going to have special changes. My companion was going to Leon and I was going to receive a new companion. But that he was going to be new. Like really ¨new¨. Fresh from the MTC. That made me really nervous. I then asked what his name was. He said that his name is Elder Wanamaker. Which made me more nervous because he is a ¨Gringo¨. Well the very next day my companion left and I was waiting for my ¨new¨ companion and the zone leaders told me that he actually was having problems with his visa so he was working in a Spanish speaking mission in Arizona for two months. But he actually was working in a Spanish speaking mission in Utah for two months. So I am a Trainer now. But he already knows a lot of Spanish. We just got to work on his teaching skills now.

Our first day I asked him about how the mission was in Utah. He said that they never knocked because they always got references from members and everyone paid for everything for you. I responded well, here you will always knock, never receive references, and no one will pay anything for you. He’s adjusting. We actually went to a member’s house the other day who are really humble. They live in a concrete box of sorts with a mud floor and half a roof. Witch really surprised my companion when we left. He said that it made him feel really spoiled.

We had a baptism last Saturday that I will never forget. I don't even know what was so special about it. They were two kids from a less active family who were reactivating. When they were baptized the spirit was there really strong. I felt like something really special happened just then but I don't know what. The same feeling was there when they were confirmed Sunday. It was really special.

Oh and that place where we saw the guy got electrocuted. Nobody has been working there since. They were actually painting the building and the building is still half painted. So we think that something really bad happened.

But that's about it for this week. I'm going to see if I have some pictures to send. Love you all.

Monday, September 20, 2010


Grammy's Package
Cactus Fruit

Someone took us to  Golden China Buffet

Caution: PG-13 for Violence

Well as we were taking a bus this morning, something really interesting happened. We were sitting on the bus and we were passing a building that was being constructed. As I was watching the builders building, there was one at the top who lost his balance and grabbed a wire suspended over the building. At that moment his whole body lighted up and we heared a loud bang like someone had set off a firework not 30 feet from us. The next thing we saw was the guys body hanging halfway off the top of the building. and all the workers were grabbing ladders and to get up there and pull him back so he didn't fall three storys. Everyone on the bus were then trying to call the ambulance. My companion and I were thinking that there was probably alot of water up there due to the rain last night and it probably made a good conduct of the guy to something else. But we wernt there long enough to see if the guy had died or if he was just unconscious.

There has been alot of rain the last few nights. And it looks like its going to start to rain in a little. Other than San Luis Potosi I think that this city is the closest to the ocean. Its coming from the east right? I don't get to watch much news.

I just got grammys package! The cookies wernt that bad. But now with the new president our zone conferences with the president are going to be three months apart. So other than the zone conferences I will be able to get mail every interview with the president or when our leaders go to Leon to have their meeting with the president. And This Wednesday we are having interviews with the president.
One day when we were eating I saw a book of brothers grim story's in Spanish. I started to look through it and I found the Matchstick Girl story. It made me think of Christmas back home a little.

Thats about it for now but I hope that everyone is doing great. Love you all.

Elder Whetten

Monday, September 13, 2010

Well I'm writing to you guys now because I'm not going to have time to write this next Monday. The Internet is really far from our house and we were close today but we wont be for a while.

Also almost all of our investigators are falling. We've been working in a very poor area were usually they are really apt to progress. But we find people and a couple days later they tell us that someone in their family came over and got mad at them for listening to us and now they don't want to listen to us anymore. But we aren't going to lose the faith and we are going to find more. even though its taking us a long time to find progressing people who really want to change here. We´ll find them.

Just the other day we saw some people robbing the corn from the train. now we know how they do it. I guess they pay their kids to go stand out on the tracks before the train enters the city and when it stops they open the doors and get in. Later on when the train gets into the city they start to throw the bags of corn out and people who are waiting in the city take them to their houses. now the train passes very fast through the city.
I hope things are going well with everyone. This week I felt kinda down. But I started to read 3 Nephi 12: 2-11 really cheered me up. If anyone is feeling down don't forget to read the Book of Mormon. Remember that Heavenly Father loves you and wishes to help. In your times of sadness he will carry you if you show him that you want him to. Love you all!
Elder Whetten

Monday, September 6, 2010


New Shoes!

Shoes and Corn

Well not that much happened this week, except that I was provided with new shoes! its really funny how the lord provides when you are in need. Just hope that they last four more months.

It has been raining alot. And it is starting to get really hard to walk with all the mud. We found two family's, one is a family of seven and the other a family of nine. Hopefully they will gain a testimony of what they hear from us.

This week the town robbed the corn from the train passing through. We just heared about it one day and the next day we knocked someones house. they told us that they were super busy and couldn't talk to us at the moment. but I saw inside and they had a ton of huge bags of corn stacked inside their house. We thought it was kinda funny.

This week was actually kinda slow and boring. not much to talk about. But I hope that everyone is doing well and feeling good. Stay strong in the Gospel and listen to the spirit.

Elder Whetten