Monday, September 13, 2010

Well I'm writing to you guys now because I'm not going to have time to write this next Monday. The Internet is really far from our house and we were close today but we wont be for a while.

Also almost all of our investigators are falling. We've been working in a very poor area were usually they are really apt to progress. But we find people and a couple days later they tell us that someone in their family came over and got mad at them for listening to us and now they don't want to listen to us anymore. But we aren't going to lose the faith and we are going to find more. even though its taking us a long time to find progressing people who really want to change here. We´ll find them.

Just the other day we saw some people robbing the corn from the train. now we know how they do it. I guess they pay their kids to go stand out on the tracks before the train enters the city and when it stops they open the doors and get in. Later on when the train gets into the city they start to throw the bags of corn out and people who are waiting in the city take them to their houses. now the train passes very fast through the city.
I hope things are going well with everyone. This week I felt kinda down. But I started to read 3 Nephi 12: 2-11 really cheered me up. If anyone is feeling down don't forget to read the Book of Mormon. Remember that Heavenly Father loves you and wishes to help. In your times of sadness he will carry you if you show him that you want him to. Love you all!
Elder Whetten

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