Monday, September 6, 2010

Shoes and Corn

Well not that much happened this week, except that I was provided with new shoes! its really funny how the lord provides when you are in need. Just hope that they last four more months.

It has been raining alot. And it is starting to get really hard to walk with all the mud. We found two family's, one is a family of seven and the other a family of nine. Hopefully they will gain a testimony of what they hear from us.

This week the town robbed the corn from the train passing through. We just heared about it one day and the next day we knocked someones house. they told us that they were super busy and couldn't talk to us at the moment. but I saw inside and they had a ton of huge bags of corn stacked inside their house. We thought it was kinda funny.

This week was actually kinda slow and boring. not much to talk about. But I hope that everyone is doing well and feeling good. Stay strong in the Gospel and listen to the spirit.

Elder Whetten

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