Monday, September 27, 2010

Gringo Greenie

Well we had interviews with the president this last Wednesday and he was just asking me if I was being obedient and if I was getting along with my companion. Then at the end of the talk we had he told me that the very next day we were going to have special changes. My companion was going to Leon and I was going to receive a new companion. But that he was going to be new. Like really ¨new¨. Fresh from the MTC. That made me really nervous. I then asked what his name was. He said that his name is Elder Wanamaker. Which made me more nervous because he is a ¨Gringo¨. Well the very next day my companion left and I was waiting for my ¨new¨ companion and the zone leaders told me that he actually was having problems with his visa so he was working in a Spanish speaking mission in Arizona for two months. But he actually was working in a Spanish speaking mission in Utah for two months. So I am a Trainer now. But he already knows a lot of Spanish. We just got to work on his teaching skills now.

Our first day I asked him about how the mission was in Utah. He said that they never knocked because they always got references from members and everyone paid for everything for you. I responded well, here you will always knock, never receive references, and no one will pay anything for you. He’s adjusting. We actually went to a member’s house the other day who are really humble. They live in a concrete box of sorts with a mud floor and half a roof. Witch really surprised my companion when we left. He said that it made him feel really spoiled.

We had a baptism last Saturday that I will never forget. I don't even know what was so special about it. They were two kids from a less active family who were reactivating. When they were baptized the spirit was there really strong. I felt like something really special happened just then but I don't know what. The same feeling was there when they were confirmed Sunday. It was really special.

Oh and that place where we saw the guy got electrocuted. Nobody has been working there since. They were actually painting the building and the building is still half painted. So we think that something really bad happened.

But that's about it for this week. I'm going to see if I have some pictures to send. Love you all.

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