Monday, May 31, 2010

It's getting hotter!

Well another week has gone and past. This week we actually found some really great people and I’m excited to get to work with them. But when our bishop found out that we were coming back to the ward he called the mission president to see what was going on. The mission president explained it to him but said to keep giving food to just to missionaries until the end of the change (which is at the end of this week.) So I think that we are going to be changed this next change to leave two elders in the area.

Detroit Michigan sounds pretty cool! Don’t know anything about the place but you always need a little bit of action in your mission.

The weather here has been getting hotter but I’m used to it now. The other day we went to eat with one of the brothers in the ward and afterwards me and my companion started to feel like our stomachs were swelling up and the back of our heads started to get these huge migraines. Really weird symptoms, but I really don’t know what happened that day.

I’m starting to make my scar disappear! I bought some cocoa butter and started to rub that on it. Cocoa butter is good for scars and stretch marks.

I know that my emails keep getting shorter and shorter but I really can’t think of anything else to say. But I hope everyone is doing fine. Till next week! Oh and I know its a little late to say this but if you could send the socks so that they can get here before the 15th that would be great! (The whole mission is going to Leon that day.)

Elder Whetten

Monday, May 24, 2010

Crazy Week!

Well I’m not getting changed anymore. The offices called us and told us that they have changed their minds. But I did waste a lot of time getting a hold of the bishop over there and everybody to get our food organized. Not to mention that we were also working there for about three days too. So I’m still here in my area until the next change comes.

The other ward looked like it would be a little hard to work in anyway. We searched that place and there weren’t any poor areas. All big houses with two floors. It was hard working there too. Good thing we didn’t get any appointments. The other Elders are happy too that they aren’t going to have to take over our area anymore. (It’s a little big.)

So that’s another week of not working that much. Well in my area anyway.

Steve just told his parents about his decision. I don’t think they’re happy. But it’s a great thing that he did.

But that’s about it for this week. It’s been another uneventful one. I really can’t wait for those socks! All of mine have holes in them. Oh and you might want to put the Virgin De Guadalupe on this one. When Audri sent me socks, someone stole them.

But I hope that everyone is doing good. Love you all!!!

Elder Whetten

Monday, May 17, 2010

Opening New Area

Ok so the zone leaders just called me and said that I am now going to get transferred to that area way back when I was going to be changed about two months ago. Its only two areas over but it’s the area of the stake center. I don’t see why they are changing us with only three weeks left of the change but oh well. I guess I won’t be having any baptisms for the rest of the change. (We are reopening the area and an investigator has to be in the church three times before they can be baptized.) But maybe there will be someone in the area book that the previous missionaries have been working with. Well see. I’m supposed to change areas sometime this week. Oh and the area is where we meet with Steve so no problems there.

It has started to rain every day this week. It’s pretty nice when it rains but really hot when its not. San Luis Potosi is a strange city and you can never predict what the weather will do. Most of the missionaries in SLP have been getting heat strokes, including my companion and the two other elders that we live with. I guess I’m accustomed to it by my time in Arizona. But I had to stay in the house a couple days with the other Elders until they recuperated. So we didn’t work much this week.

Say hi to everyone that said hi. Also to Grammy and Grandpa and Grandma. And to the family.

That’s about it for today. Nothing much happened due to the sicknesses. Hope everyone is doing well.

Elder Whetten

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Phone Call & Steve's Baptism

This day take advantage of the Great Impact! Free Baptisms just like Jesus Christ taught us!
Steve's Baptism

Yah well I really don’t have much to talk about either. Basically said everything yesterday. But it was so good to hear from you guys. Hope you got enough sleep last night. I uploaded some photos of Steve’s baptism so have fun looking at those. Take care. Until next week.

Mom here – after finally connecting (it helps if you have the correct phone number!) we were able to speak to Jay for over an hour last night. He has quite the Mexican accent! But he sounded so good…so mature. He loves his mission and is thoroughly enjoying serving the Lord.

Steve (the young man in the Baptism pictures above) was baptized on Friday. He has contacted me on Facebook and we have had several long, enjoyable chats, so I feel quite an affection for him. He is a sharp, thoughtful young man.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Like mother like son!

Well my forehead has completely healed! It went really fast! By the time the next Friday came around, making it a week that I had the injury, it had completely healed. I thought that the Elders were going to start calling me Elder Potter but they are actually calling me Cholo Matón which means Cholo Killer. I guess one of the missionaries asked another what happened to my head and he told them that we got into a fight with a cholo and since he was too strong for us to do anything, I had to hit him in the head with my head so we could get away. But yeah I now have a scar there in the same place as mom! Like mother like son no?

I had just talked to Steve and it looks like he is going to be baptized next Friday. We are going to talk to him on Wednesday to straiten everything out.

We had a zone conference this week so I got my Valentine’s package! The other Elders loved the dog and I like the shirt. Also with all the candies and stuff. They are lovin it too. Grammy just asked me if I want anything from her. Just tell her that I would appreciate anything that she would like to send. Love you Grammy!

A member in the ward showed me a video on YouTube that was pretty funny, just type in ¨the good word¨. It’s a video that kinda makes fun of missionaries a little.

Other than that nothing really happened this week. This month is a month of sacrifice and we have a goal of 1000 baptisms this month but this time its looking like we have a pretty good chance of accomplishing it.

that's about all for right now. Hope everyone is doing fine. Till next week!!

Elder Whetten