Monday, May 17, 2010

Opening New Area

Ok so the zone leaders just called me and said that I am now going to get transferred to that area way back when I was going to be changed about two months ago. Its only two areas over but it’s the area of the stake center. I don’t see why they are changing us with only three weeks left of the change but oh well. I guess I won’t be having any baptisms for the rest of the change. (We are reopening the area and an investigator has to be in the church three times before they can be baptized.) But maybe there will be someone in the area book that the previous missionaries have been working with. Well see. I’m supposed to change areas sometime this week. Oh and the area is where we meet with Steve so no problems there.

It has started to rain every day this week. It’s pretty nice when it rains but really hot when its not. San Luis Potosi is a strange city and you can never predict what the weather will do. Most of the missionaries in SLP have been getting heat strokes, including my companion and the two other elders that we live with. I guess I’m accustomed to it by my time in Arizona. But I had to stay in the house a couple days with the other Elders until they recuperated. So we didn’t work much this week.

Say hi to everyone that said hi. Also to Grammy and Grandpa and Grandma. And to the family.

That’s about it for today. Nothing much happened due to the sicknesses. Hope everyone is doing well.

Elder Whetten

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