Monday, May 24, 2010

Crazy Week!

Well I’m not getting changed anymore. The offices called us and told us that they have changed their minds. But I did waste a lot of time getting a hold of the bishop over there and everybody to get our food organized. Not to mention that we were also working there for about three days too. So I’m still here in my area until the next change comes.

The other ward looked like it would be a little hard to work in anyway. We searched that place and there weren’t any poor areas. All big houses with two floors. It was hard working there too. Good thing we didn’t get any appointments. The other Elders are happy too that they aren’t going to have to take over our area anymore. (It’s a little big.)

So that’s another week of not working that much. Well in my area anyway.

Steve just told his parents about his decision. I don’t think they’re happy. But it’s a great thing that he did.

But that’s about it for this week. It’s been another uneventful one. I really can’t wait for those socks! All of mine have holes in them. Oh and you might want to put the Virgin De Guadalupe on this one. When Audri sent me socks, someone stole them.

But I hope that everyone is doing good. Love you all!!!

Elder Whetten

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