Monday, July 27, 2009

Colonia Resident Evil

Yes I have had mole. The members have given it to me a lot. Sometimes they have mole enchiladas. When I first had it I thought it was kinda weird but now I like it. I don’t know if I said it but here they like to mix fruit with their water. And they are pretty good at it. But there was this one that I hated called tamariado. It was bitter and weird tasting. They wait until the fruit dries up and then they blend it with their water. But now I kind of like it. Funny how that is.

Last Thursday we found out that we had been sleeping with bed bugs. I have been putting on bug repellant for two weeks but I was always waking up with bug bites. Then on Thursday I layed my head down and brushed away what looked like dirt on my mattress. And then things started crawling. I jumped out of bed and yelled ¨¡Santa Vaca!¨ (Holy Cow!) Which scared my companion because he was praying at the time. I showed him my bed and we checked out his and his had them too. So we have been having a few restless nights sleeping on our clothes but right now we are in the process of exterminating the whole house. But that’s the mission life.

I got a hair cut. I don’t have a picture of it because I don’t have batteries. But the other night when we came home a girl said that I looked like a cross between Brad Pitt and Tom Cruse. We had a big laugh over that.

For some reason I was thinking that General Conference was this month. I probably won’t be with my companion when it comes so you don’t have to send fudge if you cant, or something, I don’t know, I guess you can.

Last week my companion and I took the wrong bus and fell asleep. We ended up in an area of houses that looked a lot like resident evil 4 (I don’t expect any of you to know what that looks like so just imagine a scary looking town with a bunch of broken down wooden houses.) We found our way back and looked at our map to see if it was in our area. It wasn’t on the map but we found out that it was. We went back this week and found out that Elders haven’t been there for four years. So now we are working in what my companion has dubbed ¨Colonia Resident Evil.¨ And we have been having a lot of success here. Nobody has denied hearing our message yet.

Well that’s all for now. I appreciate all of the support that I have received from my friends and family. Be it in letters or angels. Enjoy life.

Elder Whetten

This is the picture the kid on the street drew of my companion and me.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ventriloquists, Fudge and Nazis (Oh My!)

Well we have had a pretty interesting week. We were on a bus yesterday and on the bus was a clown that was a ventriloquist. Nobody was laughing at him. Or his little friend. But at the end right before he got off he took a picture of me with this really old camera and when he pulled my picture out, it was a picture of Tom Welling. That was when everyone on the bus laughed. I guess they like racist jokes. (Mom here - for those of you, like me, who don't know who Tom Welling is a pic of him. I don't get why that's a racist joke!)

Me and my companion met this guy yesterday who was visiting Mexico with his Mexican wife. He is from Aruba and he knew English so me and my companion were just talking in English to him. But the thing is the language there is called Apiemento, and it’s like a cross between English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and French. The guy knew all these languages too. But he had two little daughters that only knew Apiemento, Spanish, And Dutch. And they didn’t like to speak Spanish so they would speak in Apiemento to their parents and sister. It was kind of weird. But we had a pretty good talk with him.

We have an Emergency. My companion doesn’t know what fudge is. I think your going to have to send some peanut butter fudge with my cinnamon rolls. And my photo card. All my companions have asked me about my friends and family before my mission and I don’t have anything to show them. Also I think I forgot to mention last time about stamps. I have had a letter for you and grandma for a while but I haven’t been able to send it! Please send me some stamps.

You should send me Photos of our new car, and fridge. Those kind of things are exciting to me now.

Michael Jackson was too big of a deal over here too. He was on every news paper and channel for a while. But he has died out. (Really, really bad pun Jay!)

We were contacting the other day and I had someone tell me that I looked like a Nazi. I guess the sun is bleaching my hair a lot.

I am sorry but this is another week in which I am not able to send pictures. Sorry. :,( That’s all for now. Enjoy life and keep the Lord in it too!

Elder Whetten

Monday, July 13, 2009

I Like Chili but Send Food!

Well I have been eating a lot more chili ever since. They have these things called guacamayas. They are like a piece of bread that they slice in halve and they put fried and dried pig skins in it with a lot of really hot salsa. It’s really spicy but really good. (The last time I ate one I couldn’t finish it because it was so hot. Ha ha!) But now I really like them.

This last week we found three big families that are all really ready to be baptized. We are going to baptize them Friday and Saturday. We are proud of the progress that they have made in their lives in this short time. I have a video of the building-up to burning my tie but I think it’s too big to send. I also don’t think I’ll be able to send pictures today.

Do you think you could ask Grammy to send me some molasses cookies? That would be great. Also if you’re sending me that peanut butter package for me soon, remember to send my photo card ok? And maybe a couple cinnamon rolls for conference coming up? I really missed that last time.

This week really wasn’t too interesting. It feels like I was just writing home yesterday. We played some soccer with some little kids earlier today. And they were beating me badly. The only thing I was good at was goalie. (from all the MTC four square I bet. Ha ha!)

There is this one little kid that we pass by a couple days a week. Every time we do he demands me to show him a magic trick. Just the other day he said that he wanted to grow up to be just like me ¨But then I would have to bleach my skin like Michel Jackson.¨ He said. Ha ha. How is America taking the fact that he died by the way?

Oh that reminds me! This kid drew a picture of me and my companion. I’ll have to take a picture and show it next week. Its pretty funny looking. Well I really don’t know anything else to say. I think my companion and I are going to visit some of the Old Catholic cathedrals around here after this. I’ll be sure to take pictures. Be sure to enjoy life!

Elder Whetten

P.S. Enjoy your new car!!!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Jay and the Chili

Six Months!

Well today is a day for new changes but I’m not getting changed!!! Me and my companion are both really happy about that. We have a lot of really great investigators at the moment and neither of us wanted to leave them.

There were two white guys in church yesterday so I went to talk to them. They were both here on a business trip to teach the members of their company here in México about a certain new thing in their business. They both served their missions in México and they both lived in Arizona. It was pretty cool to talk to some white people in half English.

Yesterday was also voting day here in Mexico. Which means go vote and go back to sleep. So yesterday was kind of hard.

Ok so we got a ride from a member one time this week and he took us in one of those huge trucks. When it came time to drop us off at where we needed to be, he had to stop in a place where cars were still coming. So we had to get out quickly. I was in the middle so I got out after my companion. The problem was that my foot got stuck on the seat and the rest of my body was still moving forward. The driver seeing this suddenly stopped the car which slammed my face in the dirt. When my companion turned around all he saw was me with one leg in the truck and my face and arms sprawled out in the dirt just groaning. I’m ok don’t worry. I just thought it was funny. I still have my beautiful face. But my shin got really bloody and I still have no Idea how it got that way.

It rained every day this week but It’s still really hot. Tell everyone thanks for writing me. I really appreciated it. Me and my companion have been playing rummy every P-day. He is really good at it. He always beats me with one of those huge ¨switch everything up¨ moves.

Well I passed my six months and the tradition here is that you burn a tie. I made a video but I think that it’s too big to send. Oh well.

My companion did teach me how to eat chili though. I was eating something really hot the other day and with my mouth burning and my nose running I asked my companion what the point of chili was. ¨It has no flavor!¨ I said. My companion told me that it’s not about the flavor. People eat chili because they like the feeling. Once you eat it for the feeling and not the flavor it won’t be as bad. So I tried it and believe it or not I like chili now!!! I even ate habenero chili the other day. Now I know you might not believe that so I made a video that I think is small enough to send. But yah there is one part of the culture that I have learned.

Well I didn’t see any fire works over here. (they did have some at 6:00 at night though. It was weird. After they were don’t all the church bells started to ring. I think they were celebrating a saint or something like that.

Well that’s all for now. Keep working hard, praying out loud and reading your scriptures. Just enjoy life.

Elder Whetten

They have moths here twice this big!