Monday, July 13, 2009

I Like Chili but Send Food!

Well I have been eating a lot more chili ever since. They have these things called guacamayas. They are like a piece of bread that they slice in halve and they put fried and dried pig skins in it with a lot of really hot salsa. It’s really spicy but really good. (The last time I ate one I couldn’t finish it because it was so hot. Ha ha!) But now I really like them.

This last week we found three big families that are all really ready to be baptized. We are going to baptize them Friday and Saturday. We are proud of the progress that they have made in their lives in this short time. I have a video of the building-up to burning my tie but I think it’s too big to send. I also don’t think I’ll be able to send pictures today.

Do you think you could ask Grammy to send me some molasses cookies? That would be great. Also if you’re sending me that peanut butter package for me soon, remember to send my photo card ok? And maybe a couple cinnamon rolls for conference coming up? I really missed that last time.

This week really wasn’t too interesting. It feels like I was just writing home yesterday. We played some soccer with some little kids earlier today. And they were beating me badly. The only thing I was good at was goalie. (from all the MTC four square I bet. Ha ha!)

There is this one little kid that we pass by a couple days a week. Every time we do he demands me to show him a magic trick. Just the other day he said that he wanted to grow up to be just like me ¨But then I would have to bleach my skin like Michel Jackson.¨ He said. Ha ha. How is America taking the fact that he died by the way?

Oh that reminds me! This kid drew a picture of me and my companion. I’ll have to take a picture and show it next week. Its pretty funny looking. Well I really don’t know anything else to say. I think my companion and I are going to visit some of the Old Catholic cathedrals around here after this. I’ll be sure to take pictures. Be sure to enjoy life!

Elder Whetten

P.S. Enjoy your new car!!!

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TBrooks said...

Wow! One-fourth of the way through his mission! It was so fun to see him on the video. He looks and sounds so great. I'm sure you're a very proud mommy.