Monday, July 6, 2009

Six Months!

Well today is a day for new changes but I’m not getting changed!!! Me and my companion are both really happy about that. We have a lot of really great investigators at the moment and neither of us wanted to leave them.

There were two white guys in church yesterday so I went to talk to them. They were both here on a business trip to teach the members of their company here in México about a certain new thing in their business. They both served their missions in México and they both lived in Arizona. It was pretty cool to talk to some white people in half English.

Yesterday was also voting day here in Mexico. Which means go vote and go back to sleep. So yesterday was kind of hard.

Ok so we got a ride from a member one time this week and he took us in one of those huge trucks. When it came time to drop us off at where we needed to be, he had to stop in a place where cars were still coming. So we had to get out quickly. I was in the middle so I got out after my companion. The problem was that my foot got stuck on the seat and the rest of my body was still moving forward. The driver seeing this suddenly stopped the car which slammed my face in the dirt. When my companion turned around all he saw was me with one leg in the truck and my face and arms sprawled out in the dirt just groaning. I’m ok don’t worry. I just thought it was funny. I still have my beautiful face. But my shin got really bloody and I still have no Idea how it got that way.

It rained every day this week but It’s still really hot. Tell everyone thanks for writing me. I really appreciated it. Me and my companion have been playing rummy every P-day. He is really good at it. He always beats me with one of those huge ¨switch everything up¨ moves.

Well I passed my six months and the tradition here is that you burn a tie. I made a video but I think that it’s too big to send. Oh well.

My companion did teach me how to eat chili though. I was eating something really hot the other day and with my mouth burning and my nose running I asked my companion what the point of chili was. ¨It has no flavor!¨ I said. My companion told me that it’s not about the flavor. People eat chili because they like the feeling. Once you eat it for the feeling and not the flavor it won’t be as bad. So I tried it and believe it or not I like chili now!!! I even ate habenero chili the other day. Now I know you might not believe that so I made a video that I think is small enough to send. But yah there is one part of the culture that I have learned.

Well I didn’t see any fire works over here. (they did have some at 6:00 at night though. It was weird. After they were don’t all the church bells started to ring. I think they were celebrating a saint or something like that.

Well that’s all for now. Keep working hard, praying out loud and reading your scriptures. Just enjoy life.

Elder Whetten

They have moths here twice this big!

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