Monday, February 22, 2010

Eye see you!

Well this week was kinda a little bit interesting. My watch stopped working at 3:45 in the morning last Tuesday. So I was going to open up the back to see what kind of battery it needs but as I was doing it the glass just shattered. I’ve included a picture of it.

Also this week me and my companion have run into a transvestite who came to church. I feel really nervous about teaching the law of chastity with herm.

Nothing really big or interesting happened this week. We dropped a bunch of people because they didn’t come to church last week. So this week was just a bunch of finding. We didn’t have much luck but there’s always this next week.

Well I’m sorry but nothing really happened this week so I’m just wishing everybody a good week. Be safe, have fun, and enjoy life.

Cool Shades! Eye see you!

I just thought this was funny!


My broken watch

Run away! Run away!

Monday, February 15, 2010


My homemade candle.

On a very, very cold day.

Happy Valentines Day!

Yes they do celebrate Valentines Day here in the same way but with the huge Catholic influence here it has a lot to do with praising to the saint Saint Valentine too.

I’m doing a lot better at getting up on time now. I didn’t want to get wet by my companion so I set the phone that we have to go off at 6:30 and to vibrate and I put it under my pillow. It seems to be working our pretty well.

This Sunday was a downer for us this week. Last Sunday we brought 17 investigators to church, this Sunday we brought none. We had like 18 people but none of them could come. And the ones that said they could come had something come up. So yah, I’m kind of disappointed right now.

But other than that the week was pretty good, had a lot of great experiences. But a lot of people have been asking me this week what I want to do as a profession. And really I don’t know anymore. I don’t want to be a neurologist anymore. So I guess I’ll just have to find my other interests.

Other than that, that’s about it.

Happy Valentines Day!

Elder Whetten

Monday, February 8, 2010

Elder x 4

Elder Garcia, Elder Whetten, Elder Aitkin & Elder Trejo

He drank water and died!

This week was a little different than all the others. I was in a division with one of the new zone leaders for the whole week. His name is Elder Trejo. He lives in Chihuahua and knows a lot of our family out there.

We also had interviews with the president yesterday. Lately I haven’t been getting up on time because I have been so sleepy that I can’t hear the alarm anymore. My companion has been having the same problem too. So we told president that we haven’t been getting up on time. He told us to put the alarm across the room with a glass of water next to it and the first one to wake up to get to it gets to throw it at his companion in bed. I told president that that would be a problem because I can’t hear the alarm anymore. He just told me that he is sure I'll start to hear it if we do this.

Elder Trejo and I encountered a man this week that is really interesting. He used to be a studying catholic priest in the Vatican, but after a while in the Vatican he started to hate the Catholics and moved to Mexico to be a normal person. We taught him about the first vision and everything that the church believes and he believes it all but he has a problem that he cant drink water, or soda, or milk, or juice because he was living over in the Vatican for so long and water is way more expensive that alcohol. So all he drinks is alcohol. We tried to set goals with him to wean himself back onto water again but he is too scared to because one of his friends who was accustomed to not drinking water like him drank water and died. So we don’t think that he will progress.

Other than that, that’s about it. Have fun and enjoy life.

Elder Whetten

Monday, February 1, 2010


A Blast from the Past!
Our Candle!

13 months!

Well changes have come again today and I wasn’t changed! So I’m still here in San Luis Potosi with my companion. But one of the other elders we were living with got changed. (Elder Delgado) He just left to Leon at 6:30 this morning and so now we are with his companion Elder Garcia waiting for his new companion to get from Leon. His new companion is Elder Atkin, another gringo. So it’s going to be three gringos and one Mexican in one house. But Elder Garcia wants to learn English. I bet he’ll learn a lot in this change.

This last Thursday we went to Leon to hear from Elder de los Hoygas of the Seventy. (I’m not sure if that is how you really spell his name) Anyway had him speak to us as well as his wife and sister and president Cox. It was a good meeting in which I learned a lot but I was really sleepy.

Oh and the Irons in the font really were plugged in. But don’t worry we took every precaution so that nobody got hurt. We went as far as to lock the doors and repeating to everybody not to touch the irons or the cords. We even shut off the power to the church before we unplugged them. And the Irons still work perfectly!!! Ha ha.

One of the best soccer players on one of the professional soccer teams here in Mexico got shot last Wednesday in the head. But just yesterday it said in the news that he just woke up and is eating and walking around. His name is Salvador CabaƱas who plays for the soccer team called America if you want to look up the story. I just thought that was interesting.

I don’t really have much else to talk about. I’m going to see if I can't upload some more pictures. Oh and I made 13 months yesterday!

Have a good week!

Elder Whetten