Monday, February 8, 2010

He drank water and died!

This week was a little different than all the others. I was in a division with one of the new zone leaders for the whole week. His name is Elder Trejo. He lives in Chihuahua and knows a lot of our family out there.

We also had interviews with the president yesterday. Lately I haven’t been getting up on time because I have been so sleepy that I can’t hear the alarm anymore. My companion has been having the same problem too. So we told president that we haven’t been getting up on time. He told us to put the alarm across the room with a glass of water next to it and the first one to wake up to get to it gets to throw it at his companion in bed. I told president that that would be a problem because I can’t hear the alarm anymore. He just told me that he is sure I'll start to hear it if we do this.

Elder Trejo and I encountered a man this week that is really interesting. He used to be a studying catholic priest in the Vatican, but after a while in the Vatican he started to hate the Catholics and moved to Mexico to be a normal person. We taught him about the first vision and everything that the church believes and he believes it all but he has a problem that he cant drink water, or soda, or milk, or juice because he was living over in the Vatican for so long and water is way more expensive that alcohol. So all he drinks is alcohol. We tried to set goals with him to wean himself back onto water again but he is too scared to because one of his friends who was accustomed to not drinking water like him drank water and died. So we don’t think that he will progress.

Other than that, that’s about it. Have fun and enjoy life.

Elder Whetten

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