Monday, April 26, 2010

Gory Pictures!

Teletubbies or KISS ??

The Zone

The wall that did the damage to my head

Jay as Harry Potter

The little girl that was baptized on Sunday

I Cut my head open! But unfortunately I don’t have a cool story to go with it. In one of the rooms of our house there is a piece of wall jutting out right next to the doorway. What happened is I was facing away from the door with my hand on the doorknob and I turned really quickly to leave and shut the door but my hand being on the doorknob put me over to where the wall is and I totally smacked my head on it! The Elders started laughing and I was too but we stopped when I took my hand off. My face was covered in blood and my hand too. So I went right to the sink so the draining blood had somewhere to go. (other than all over the floor) And when by body kicked in and stopped sending so much blood to my head I started to feel really dizzy so I had to go sit down. I told one of the elders to go get a soda while I told one of the others how to take care of it. Then I received a blessing from one of the elders and got enough energy to brush my teeth and go to bed. That morning I felt fine and it is healing pretty rapidly. But that’s my adventure for this week.

We just baptized a girl yesterday whose mom got baptized last Friday. She was a little nervous because she was the only one getting baptized that day but afterwards she felt really good. Her mom is a really great convert. Yesterday she was asking me what she should tell her family because this 24 of December she and to bring the saint of NiƱo dios or god child which is basically a figurine of baby Jesus to a celebration that her family has every year and they pray to this thing and offer up offerings to it. I really didn’t have an answer for her but she said that it doesn’t really matter, she’s not going to do it anyway.

Steve is doing fine. His baptismal date is on the 30th and we still have a couple of things to teach him but he’s doing great.

That’s about all for today. I heard that my package is in the offices. I’ll probably get it this week. Love you all.

Elder Whetten

Monday, April 19, 2010

Life is Hard!

Los Bautizmos!!!

This week was pretty cool. We had a couple baptisms this last week and we thought that it was just going to be us and the people we were going to baptize. But we came to the church and there was the whole zone with baptisms too! I guess it was the aftermath of conference. So we had one huge baptism with a lot of people.

I wish I could say more but I really don't have much to say. Just know that this life is something really big that we have been put through. We go through trials, pains, and sorrows. We have to grow, we have to change. We have to become stronger than we were before. Most people look at life as a punishment. Be it from god or from something else. It is hard. But this life is proof that he loves us. We come here to this world weak unable to comprehend the simplest things sometimes. And we grow. We learn who we are, what we are supposed to be. We gain dreams. We gain challenges. And when we conquer them those dreams can come true. We have been given the eternal chance to grow, and to improve until we become perfect. This life is not a punishment and I can testify to that. This life is the greatest blessing that our father in heaven could possibly give to us. This is his love. Every time we are put through a trial is a time to rejoice! If I can say one thing it is this. Even though sometimes it may look like we are doomed to destruction, if at anytime we cannot see how in the world we could reach the end. God has given us the means to reach it. Sometimes it is hidden and we have to find it. And sometimes that way is within ourselves. But once all is said and done. How great will be our joy to look back and see what we have done, what we have accomplished! That is what I'm here for. To take on this life. This opportunity that I have been given. Even though I might not come out as the same person as I started. It is all for our good.

I love you all and I wish the greatest of blessings.

Elder Whetten

Monday, April 12, 2010

Knocking doors!

Me, Elder Aitken, Elder Gartner & Elder Garcia
Me after the rain

Elder Aitken and the bear

This week has been a little different. The reason why my E-mail didn’t come until later that day was because we are having a month of sacrifice this month. But we are doing it a little different this month. We are going out as districts every Monday and the whole district starts off by going to the area of one of the companionships. Then we knock for two hours. Then we go to the next one and so on until we have knocked the whole district. So basically I didn’t get a chance to write until that night. Same with today. But it works really great! We start off the next day with many appointments. It was kinda funny, I was knocking today with one of the other elders who is kinda big and slow and while I was on the other side of the street I saw him get attacked by two dogs! He started to run away and I started to run towards him to kick the dogs away. (I’ve had a little experience with stuff like that before) But me running towards the dogs kinda scared them a little so they took off in the other direction. But the elder left with some ripped pants.

This week I got a random call from a number that I didn’t know. Right when I answered the person on the other end asked me if I spoke English. He turned out to be an American who at the time was living here in San Luis Potosi and he wanted to know if he could receive the discussions in English and how long it takes to be a member! Well I set an appointment with him for yesterday and went on a division with Elder Martinez from Chihuahua (Because he speaks English too) And went to talk with the guy. Well His name is Steve and he is getting baptized by the end of this month. Along with a bunch of others too that we found this month. It turned out that while he was living in Texas he had a lot of member friends and they told him a little bit about what we believe. And he liked it so now he is getting baptized.

Nothing much really happened this week. We did run into a lot of people who told us that they saw demons or something like that. But nothing really funny or amazing happened. Hope that everyone is doing fine and having a good Holy week! Love ya all!

Elder Whetten

Monday, April 5, 2010

Two...two...two weeks in one!

Elder Martinez, Elder Garcia, Elder Alvarez and Me!

Sorry that you didn't get my E-mail last week. I’ll see if I have it here in sent and see if I can send it. Yes we switched E-mail services so that might have been the problem.

(On his mission President Wife’s blog she said they had a goal for 500 investigators attending Conference and they exceeded it!)

Conference was amazing. It’s even more beautiful when you have investigators there experiencing the words of god directly from the prophets. In priesthood session we weren’t required to bring investigators so I was in another room of the church watching the broadcast in English. When I looked outside and saw the two most hippiest hippies in Mexico looking in. So I went outside and started to talk to them. They were two really energetic people with really wild hair. I asked them where they come from and they were like ¨from the heavens dude!¨ I explained to them what was happening in the church at the moment and invited them to come listen to the prophet. They came in and when the prophet got up they were just awed with the words that he was saying. They said that it was like god was actually talking to them. They were pretty wild but I was able to get their address so that some other missionaries could go teach the more.

We ended up taking 13 investigators to conference and most of them told us afterwards that now they know without a doubt that they want to get baptized. It was a great experience.

Sorry to tell you that I actually bought a cheap card adaptor about three and a half months ago. But thanks anyway. I didn’t get your package yet though.

Well I’m off to find last weeks E-mail. Ill stick around a bit. Love ya all!

Elder Whetten

This is last week’s email that I didn’t get until today.

I hate transfers. I really do hate them. One of the areas here due to uncontrollable circumstances has been left empty by the missionaries and the offices are thinking about moving our companionship over there to start new. I really don’t want to leave this area. We have some really good people lined up to be baptized. But if that’s the Lords will I’ll go and do it. It’s a really nice area. Our house would be right behind the stake building.

This week has been pretty cool. Remember that woman who seemed to understand everything but lived in another state? Well we found a guy exactly like her but he lives here! So I’m really excited to be teaching him.

Also with conference coming up, and with my Spanish a little better than last year I have been using conference to my advantage. Usually when I knock a door someone will come out and tell me that they’re Catholics or Christian or something like that. Now I’m like Oh so you’re familiar with the prophets like Moses and Abraham and Noah? They say yes. Then I ask them if they knew that God has called a prophet today who talks with God face to face to guide the world once again. Usually they say no and then I tell them about conference and how the Prophet and the twelve and the seventies are going to talk to the world and give us the messages that God wants us to hear. Then their interest is captured and they invite us in to talk a little more. I like my job.

That’s about it for today I think. I might be here for a while so if I think about something else Ill write more.

Till next week.

Elder Whetten