Monday, April 19, 2010

Life is Hard!

Los Bautizmos!!!

This week was pretty cool. We had a couple baptisms this last week and we thought that it was just going to be us and the people we were going to baptize. But we came to the church and there was the whole zone with baptisms too! I guess it was the aftermath of conference. So we had one huge baptism with a lot of people.

I wish I could say more but I really don't have much to say. Just know that this life is something really big that we have been put through. We go through trials, pains, and sorrows. We have to grow, we have to change. We have to become stronger than we were before. Most people look at life as a punishment. Be it from god or from something else. It is hard. But this life is proof that he loves us. We come here to this world weak unable to comprehend the simplest things sometimes. And we grow. We learn who we are, what we are supposed to be. We gain dreams. We gain challenges. And when we conquer them those dreams can come true. We have been given the eternal chance to grow, and to improve until we become perfect. This life is not a punishment and I can testify to that. This life is the greatest blessing that our father in heaven could possibly give to us. This is his love. Every time we are put through a trial is a time to rejoice! If I can say one thing it is this. Even though sometimes it may look like we are doomed to destruction, if at anytime we cannot see how in the world we could reach the end. God has given us the means to reach it. Sometimes it is hidden and we have to find it. And sometimes that way is within ourselves. But once all is said and done. How great will be our joy to look back and see what we have done, what we have accomplished! That is what I'm here for. To take on this life. This opportunity that I have been given. Even though I might not come out as the same person as I started. It is all for our good.

I love you all and I wish the greatest of blessings.

Elder Whetten

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