Monday, April 12, 2010

Knocking doors!

Me, Elder Aitken, Elder Gartner & Elder Garcia
Me after the rain

Elder Aitken and the bear

This week has been a little different. The reason why my E-mail didn’t come until later that day was because we are having a month of sacrifice this month. But we are doing it a little different this month. We are going out as districts every Monday and the whole district starts off by going to the area of one of the companionships. Then we knock for two hours. Then we go to the next one and so on until we have knocked the whole district. So basically I didn’t get a chance to write until that night. Same with today. But it works really great! We start off the next day with many appointments. It was kinda funny, I was knocking today with one of the other elders who is kinda big and slow and while I was on the other side of the street I saw him get attacked by two dogs! He started to run away and I started to run towards him to kick the dogs away. (I’ve had a little experience with stuff like that before) But me running towards the dogs kinda scared them a little so they took off in the other direction. But the elder left with some ripped pants.

This week I got a random call from a number that I didn’t know. Right when I answered the person on the other end asked me if I spoke English. He turned out to be an American who at the time was living here in San Luis Potosi and he wanted to know if he could receive the discussions in English and how long it takes to be a member! Well I set an appointment with him for yesterday and went on a division with Elder Martinez from Chihuahua (Because he speaks English too) And went to talk with the guy. Well His name is Steve and he is getting baptized by the end of this month. Along with a bunch of others too that we found this month. It turned out that while he was living in Texas he had a lot of member friends and they told him a little bit about what we believe. And he liked it so now he is getting baptized.

Nothing much really happened this week. We did run into a lot of people who told us that they saw demons or something like that. But nothing really funny or amazing happened. Hope that everyone is doing fine and having a good Holy week! Love ya all!

Elder Whetten

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Steve said...

It is indeed odd what you will get sometimes as an Elder, no?