Monday, April 26, 2010

Gory Pictures!

Teletubbies or KISS ??

The Zone

The wall that did the damage to my head

Jay as Harry Potter

The little girl that was baptized on Sunday

I Cut my head open! But unfortunately I don’t have a cool story to go with it. In one of the rooms of our house there is a piece of wall jutting out right next to the doorway. What happened is I was facing away from the door with my hand on the doorknob and I turned really quickly to leave and shut the door but my hand being on the doorknob put me over to where the wall is and I totally smacked my head on it! The Elders started laughing and I was too but we stopped when I took my hand off. My face was covered in blood and my hand too. So I went right to the sink so the draining blood had somewhere to go. (other than all over the floor) And when by body kicked in and stopped sending so much blood to my head I started to feel really dizzy so I had to go sit down. I told one of the elders to go get a soda while I told one of the others how to take care of it. Then I received a blessing from one of the elders and got enough energy to brush my teeth and go to bed. That morning I felt fine and it is healing pretty rapidly. But that’s my adventure for this week.

We just baptized a girl yesterday whose mom got baptized last Friday. She was a little nervous because she was the only one getting baptized that day but afterwards she felt really good. Her mom is a really great convert. Yesterday she was asking me what she should tell her family because this 24 of December she and to bring the saint of NiƱo dios or god child which is basically a figurine of baby Jesus to a celebration that her family has every year and they pray to this thing and offer up offerings to it. I really didn’t have an answer for her but she said that it doesn’t really matter, she’s not going to do it anyway.

Steve is doing fine. His baptismal date is on the 30th and we still have a couple of things to teach him but he’s doing great.

That’s about all for today. I heard that my package is in the offices. I’ll probably get it this week. Love you all.

Elder Whetten

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Pooh's Pics said...

superglue is great for those types of bonks. Too bad the story isn't totally awesome like he saved a baby on a tricycle from a runaway car! ;)