Monday, May 3, 2010

Like mother like son!

Well my forehead has completely healed! It went really fast! By the time the next Friday came around, making it a week that I had the injury, it had completely healed. I thought that the Elders were going to start calling me Elder Potter but they are actually calling me Cholo Matón which means Cholo Killer. I guess one of the missionaries asked another what happened to my head and he told them that we got into a fight with a cholo and since he was too strong for us to do anything, I had to hit him in the head with my head so we could get away. But yeah I now have a scar there in the same place as mom! Like mother like son no?

I had just talked to Steve and it looks like he is going to be baptized next Friday. We are going to talk to him on Wednesday to straiten everything out.

We had a zone conference this week so I got my Valentine’s package! The other Elders loved the dog and I like the shirt. Also with all the candies and stuff. They are lovin it too. Grammy just asked me if I want anything from her. Just tell her that I would appreciate anything that she would like to send. Love you Grammy!

A member in the ward showed me a video on YouTube that was pretty funny, just type in ¨the good word¨. It’s a video that kinda makes fun of missionaries a little.

Other than that nothing really happened this week. This month is a month of sacrifice and we have a goal of 1000 baptisms this month but this time its looking like we have a pretty good chance of accomplishing it.

that's about all for right now. Hope everyone is doing fine. Till next week!!

Elder Whetten

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