Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Phone Call & Steve's Baptism

This day take advantage of the Great Impact! Free Baptisms just like Jesus Christ taught us!
Steve's Baptism

Yah well I really don’t have much to talk about either. Basically said everything yesterday. But it was so good to hear from you guys. Hope you got enough sleep last night. I uploaded some photos of Steve’s baptism so have fun looking at those. Take care. Until next week.

Mom here – after finally connecting (it helps if you have the correct phone number!) we were able to speak to Jay for over an hour last night. He has quite the Mexican accent! But he sounded so good…so mature. He loves his mission and is thoroughly enjoying serving the Lord.

Steve (the young man in the Baptism pictures above) was baptized on Friday. He has contacted me on Facebook and we have had several long, enjoyable chats, so I feel quite an affection for him. He is a sharp, thoughtful young man.

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