Monday, February 22, 2010

Eye see you!

Well this week was kinda a little bit interesting. My watch stopped working at 3:45 in the morning last Tuesday. So I was going to open up the back to see what kind of battery it needs but as I was doing it the glass just shattered. I’ve included a picture of it.

Also this week me and my companion have run into a transvestite who came to church. I feel really nervous about teaching the law of chastity with herm.

Nothing really big or interesting happened this week. We dropped a bunch of people because they didn’t come to church last week. So this week was just a bunch of finding. We didn’t have much luck but there’s always this next week.

Well I’m sorry but nothing really happened this week so I’m just wishing everybody a good week. Be safe, have fun, and enjoy life.

Cool Shades! Eye see you!

I just thought this was funny!


My broken watch

Run away! Run away!

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