Monday, July 20, 2009

Ventriloquists, Fudge and Nazis (Oh My!)

Well we have had a pretty interesting week. We were on a bus yesterday and on the bus was a clown that was a ventriloquist. Nobody was laughing at him. Or his little friend. But at the end right before he got off he took a picture of me with this really old camera and when he pulled my picture out, it was a picture of Tom Welling. That was when everyone on the bus laughed. I guess they like racist jokes. (Mom here - for those of you, like me, who don't know who Tom Welling is a pic of him. I don't get why that's a racist joke!)

Me and my companion met this guy yesterday who was visiting Mexico with his Mexican wife. He is from Aruba and he knew English so me and my companion were just talking in English to him. But the thing is the language there is called Apiemento, and it’s like a cross between English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, and French. The guy knew all these languages too. But he had two little daughters that only knew Apiemento, Spanish, And Dutch. And they didn’t like to speak Spanish so they would speak in Apiemento to their parents and sister. It was kind of weird. But we had a pretty good talk with him.

We have an Emergency. My companion doesn’t know what fudge is. I think your going to have to send some peanut butter fudge with my cinnamon rolls. And my photo card. All my companions have asked me about my friends and family before my mission and I don’t have anything to show them. Also I think I forgot to mention last time about stamps. I have had a letter for you and grandma for a while but I haven’t been able to send it! Please send me some stamps.

You should send me Photos of our new car, and fridge. Those kind of things are exciting to me now.

Michael Jackson was too big of a deal over here too. He was on every news paper and channel for a while. But he has died out. (Really, really bad pun Jay!)

We were contacting the other day and I had someone tell me that I looked like a Nazi. I guess the sun is bleaching my hair a lot.

I am sorry but this is another week in which I am not able to send pictures. Sorry. :,( That’s all for now. Enjoy life and keep the Lord in it too!

Elder Whetten

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