Monday, September 20, 2010

Caution: PG-13 for Violence

Well as we were taking a bus this morning, something really interesting happened. We were sitting on the bus and we were passing a building that was being constructed. As I was watching the builders building, there was one at the top who lost his balance and grabbed a wire suspended over the building. At that moment his whole body lighted up and we heared a loud bang like someone had set off a firework not 30 feet from us. The next thing we saw was the guys body hanging halfway off the top of the building. and all the workers were grabbing ladders and to get up there and pull him back so he didn't fall three storys. Everyone on the bus were then trying to call the ambulance. My companion and I were thinking that there was probably alot of water up there due to the rain last night and it probably made a good conduct of the guy to something else. But we wernt there long enough to see if the guy had died or if he was just unconscious.

There has been alot of rain the last few nights. And it looks like its going to start to rain in a little. Other than San Luis Potosi I think that this city is the closest to the ocean. Its coming from the east right? I don't get to watch much news.

I just got grammys package! The cookies wernt that bad. But now with the new president our zone conferences with the president are going to be three months apart. So other than the zone conferences I will be able to get mail every interview with the president or when our leaders go to Leon to have their meeting with the president. And This Wednesday we are having interviews with the president.
One day when we were eating I saw a book of brothers grim story's in Spanish. I started to look through it and I found the Matchstick Girl story. It made me think of Christmas back home a little.

Thats about it for now but I hope that everyone is doing great. Love you all.

Elder Whetten

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