Monday, September 28, 2009

Liking the Area

I thought I told you guys happy birthday? Well if I didn’t, I was thinking about it all week. Seriously. Well anyway I don’t really have anything to give you guys so ill say I love you and take away more of your money. The really good bible with shipping cost like 60 dollars so I got the economy hard cover un-indexed one.

About my genealogy, I was thinking about it and I was thinking that I was making it sound like I needed it really quick. I didn’t mean to rush you or anything. Take your time, but don’t wait till the end of my mission. :) Thanks for my line of authority. I don’t know who some of these people are but this is going to help me a lot. I actually had a dream about it that made me ask you for it. I might tell you later.

I like this area. It is really hard to work here because practically nobody wants to listen to you. And the people who do, want to argue with you. But here you have to rely on the spirit a lot more to get work done and that has taught me a lot in these past two weeks.

It’s been really cloudy every day this week which has been a relief. The sun can really get you sometimes.

It is time for changes again and we didn’t get changed so we are going to be together for another six weeks. (If there aren’t any special changes)

Ah the Amazing Race! How I miss that show. And I love Japanese game shows. They are so funny. Like there is this one called "Human Tetris" Look it up on YouTube, it’s pretty funny.

We don’t have much time today so I’m not going to be able to upload any pictures. But everyone take care and enjoy life!

Elder Whetten

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