Monday, October 5, 2009

I See Dead People???

I didn’t get to see the first session of conference. But all the others I got to see at least half of the sessions. Elder Holland’s was pretty crazy huh? But it was a great conference. (Thanks for not sending the cinnamon rolls)

I’ve learned a lot from this last conference. But one thing that I have learned in my mission is if you really want to learn something great. Don’t necessarily take notes on what the speaker says, but what you feel and what the spirit testifies to you while he is speaking. The speaker doesn’t necessarily have to be speaking on the subject you need to learn for you to learn something about that subject. That is what I call a miracle We had a pretty good week. We found this one guy on Tuesday who was really quiet. There were a bunch of dogs going in and out of his house and acting like he wasn’t there. The next day we went to his house and were knocking his door but he wasn’t coming out. This guy walked by and said that nobody lived there. We were like ¨what do you mean nobody lives here?" He said that ten years ago a guy died there and his wife moved to Mexico City and nobody has lived there since. It kind of freaked us out a little bit and it still does a little because we have been knocking his door all week and no answer. My companion said that we don’t know if we are going to have to baptize him in the church or the temple!

I’m trying to think what I want for my birthday or Christmas. I was thinking about the Institute teacher’s manual of the history of the church which I really want. But the one for the book of Mormon is probably more useful to me now, or the New Testament. Just something I can learn from.

The mission is going for 400 more baptisms this month. And I want to talk about something. You know, these baptisms, they really aren’t ours. We baptize so that more people can come into the glory of god and so god can receive his glory. This service is just that, service, and to our god. We gain no glory from this. It doesn’t matter if one missionary has two baptisms or another has a ton. We can’t know how well a missionary did by their number of baptisms. So I am asking everybody to refrain from asking me this question. It is incorrect data to measure a missionary by. And sure its fun to know, but really its unimportant. The Lord judges missionaries by their *willingness* to find baptize and bring people to their god. Not by their success.

I can’t think of anything else to talk about. Can’t upload pictures again. Everyone have fun and enjoy life!

Elder Whetten

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Teresa said...

I liked Jay's comment on not being judged on how good of a missionary you are by how many baptisms you get. My hope would be that every missionary could experience at least one, just to know the joy. One never knows, though, how the seeds they've planted will grow!