Monday, October 26, 2009

Pepper Spray, Dog Bites and Lightening

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Nacho Libre. But that’s about what it looks like down here if you want to know. I was actually talking to some Mexican Elders about it the other day and asked if they felt offended by it because it makes fun of Mexico a lot. And they said that if it makes fun of Mexicans in the English version well it makes fun of Americans in the Spanish version. So yah when I get home I’m going to have to watch it in Spanish to see what they were talking about.

This week was a little hard. Last Thursday I had a division with one of the zone leaders for the day and well we took a bus home. While on the bus a couple wannabe cholos got on the bus. We were sitting right by the exit and as they got off they sprayed a can of pepper spray behind them right in our faces. It didn’t get into our eyes but we breathed in a ton of it. We got right off the bus and were just lying on the ground for ten minutes just trying to breath. It was like your nose and throat were burning and the only way to stop it was to not breathe. But I’m ok!

And then the next day me and my companion were knocking doors and I went up to this gate to knock. I pulled out a coin to knock with on the metal of the gate and right when I did, this dog that I didn’t see ran up, stuck its head through the gate and bit my stomach. It grabbed onto it pretty good so I had to knee it in the neck to make it let go. I thought it bit right through me because I was in pain. But no, no teeth marks or anything, just a bruise.

Then the next day we were walking through the pouring rain and lightning struck like four houses down from us. But I’m ok!

And then later that day I had to act, In Spanish. The stake was having a talent show and I guess someone bailed out of something and I was their next choice. Oh well it was fun.

Ha ha! I was reminded of the time when I tried to tell my companion about that part in the princess bride where the priest is talking about marriage. He didn’t think it was funny though because I was trying to do the accent in Spanish translating everything. Oh well!

In Nacho Libre, all the luchadors with the masks and stuff, that’s actually pretty big here. It’s called Lucha Libre. It’s a lot different from the WWE because it’s not acted.

Well that’s all for now. Never lose the faith and enjoy life!

Elder Whetten

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