Monday, November 2, 2009

Dia de los Muertos

Well this has been an interesting week. First off in the beginning of the week for about three days was the celebration of San Judas. There were a lot of parades and fireworks and stuff. But I still don’t get why Judas should be a saint.

I’m going to go eat rabbit today. I’ve eaten it before and it’s pretty good. I remember when dad told me that if I’m eating something and I hear a crunch, not to look to see what it was. Well I would like to change that a little for all the other missionaries. Never ask what you are eating, or you will go hungry throughout your mission.

Here in Mexico they celebrate both Halloween and la Dia de los Muertos (day of the dead). They celebrate Halloween like us (but most choose not to because they think it’s of the devil). And then on November 2nd they celebrate la Dia de los Muertos. This tradition actually came from the Aztecs. The legend is that on this day the doors to the realm of the dead open and the dead are free to visit their families and stuff like that. People usually make shrines to all their dead ancestors in their houses. They put different colored flowers in them (different colors for different purposes), the food the person liked, this special kind of bread that is only made around this time called Pan de muerte, and colored wood shavings. Nov. 1st is actually la Dia de los Santos Innocentes. Which is like the day of the dead for kids who have died. They usually include toys along with their shrines.

Since I have been here I have developed a great interest in the ancient history of the Americas. This member had this book called the Huitziloposhtli, it’s the history of the world according to the Aztecs. From what I have read it starts off comparable to Genesis and pretty similar to the Book of Mormon. But yah, im definitely going to be reading that when i get home.

But yah, that’s about it. There are some pictures coming. Be happy and enjoy life.

Elder Whetten

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