Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving, not a big deal!

Congratulations Cameron!!! My companion said that the people there are really humble (poor) but talk really fast. And the land is like you are in the movie Tarzan.

Thanksgiving went by without me even thinking about it. Thanksgiving was never really a holiday that was important to me for two reasons. One I have never been a really big eater, and two I always had to wash the dishes. Thanksgiving was like dish breeding day. (What a terrible Mother he had!)

Tell that guy who got baptized congratulations! One thing I have noticed is that people never really learn anything until after their baptism. I have seen so many times people who have wanted to wait one year or two because they never felt prepared for a baptism when really the preparation is the baptism. When we receive the Holy Ghost we receive the help that we need to prepare ourselves for the greater challenges and covenants of life. Whereas if we don’t receive this companion, we will never learn those things we need to know. Baptism is like God’s test of faith for us so that he can see that we are ready and prepared to progress.

During baptisms usually we have one of the missionaries and one of the members give short talks and a testimony from somebody.

The next meeting we have with the president is in two weeks so hopefully I'll get the packages by then. If not well the next changes are on the twentieth. And their sending all the missionaries that go home in this change and the next home so that they can be with their families during Christmas. So chances are big that we might get changed.

The dentist did fix my teeth. Trust me, if he pulled them out you would have known. (He didn’t use Novocain)

We’re moving to a new house soon. But that’s all for now. Have fun!!

Elder Whetten

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