Monday, November 23, 2009

The Tooth Fairy

(We received an email from Jay on Friday saying that he had broken a tooth flossing and one of his crowns came off another tooth.....)
Well I was able to find a guy in the ward who had a good enough relationship with a guy that he would fix my teeth for free. But I am sure glad that I live in a country where they actually use anesthesia. (I don’t know if I spelled that right.) But I’m fine. Everything’s alright. Every missionary says that your first birthday in the mission is always really bad. And the second is really good. (We had a baptism on my birthday and it fell through) But she got baptized the next day. I received the package from you and from grandma on my birthday actually. President came to do interviews on the 18th so I was able to get them both.

Great story from deadliest catch! (On Friday when I replied to his email about the teeth I wrote this... Just watching "Deadliest Catch". One of the guys had a bad tooth and the Captian gave him a pair of pliers and said, "you're not a man until you pull one of your own teeth with a pair of pliers" Just thought you'd like to hear that....Bad Mom, Huh?) Although I wouldn’t do that just to live up to a mans view of what a man is.

I remember seeing ads for New Moon in Leon. There was actually a member in Leon whose last name was Luna (moon). And his family was a band named Luna Nueva (New Moon). They played music with instruments from Southern America. When the ads came out he was a little mad that they took the name of his band.

I don’t know an Elder Steimle. I don’t think I have met him yet.

I haven’t had a chance to bake my cake yet but we are changing houses at the end of the week. We are looking at two houses right now. One is nice with an oven, but a little expensive. The other is cheaper and has furniture but doesn’t have the oven. So we’ll see what happens. We were going to go to the church to bake it today but we didn’t have time.

So that’s about it for today. I’ll see if I cant send any pictures.

Elder Whetten

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