Monday, September 7, 2009

More Baptisms

Well another week has passed. We are going for 500 baptisms this month. And preparing for the 1000 baptisms in December. Our plan is to get the members involved (they're not really good at it) so that we can get more references and not have to worry about knocking so much. (I’m planning on translating that drawing that you sent me and presenting it to the president. I’m also working on translating the Poncho Villa story because a lot of members have heard about the story here but never read the real story. Which reminds me, I need my line of authority and my genealogy for two more generations. If you can get those for me that would be great.

We went to eat with this lady this week who always serves us weird stuff, but she never tells us what it is until after we ate it. This last time she served us tacos with cow tongue and rocky mountain oyster bits. It was pretty good.

Not much has happened. I know that I don’t talk about my baptisms much but we do have them. Almost every week. Maybe I’ll start telling a story every now and then. I don’t really know what else to say. If anybody wants to know anything just ask on my blog.

Enjoy life!

Elder Whetten

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TBrooks said...

I can't believe Jay is eating that kind of stuff! He was always so funny about eating at my house. Makes me chuckle!