Monday, August 24, 2009

Thunderhole and Thunderstorms

Well another week has passed and some cool things happened. My companion received a package from his family that had a bunch of candy from Puebla in it. I tried them all and some were weird but some I really liked. And his family sent me in the package what’s called a morral. It’s a bag that is woven on the streets of Puebla by the hippies that live there. It’s pretty cool, I’m going to try to send a picture of it.

Wow that’s really crazy about Thunderhole!!! I remember when we went there to see it and it was like at a wimpy time of the year. You were telling my all about it and then we got there and I was like ¨this is it?¨ But really that’s pretty cool. (I don't think he means 'cool' in a good way. Thunderhole is a tourist site in Maine that Jay and I went to see two years ago. Yesterday some people were swept into the ocean there by a rogue wave and a 7 year-old girl was killed. Check out the story here )

Speaking of thunder, about two nights ago it started raining hard and thundering. It was thunder like I’ve never heard before. And it was striking all around in the neighborhood! One struck the ground three times in front of our house. You could actually hear the actual bolts! It was crazy! I was actually a little scared.

We got rid of the bed bugs but we are still sleeping on the floor because we are still a little scared of the mattresses. And we are used to it.

Well that’s about it and we don’t have much time. I’ll write again next week. Enjoy life!
Elder Whetten

Today Mexico vs. United States (we lost)

My Morral

The Mexican Sunset

The effects of the storm

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