Monday, August 17, 2009

No transfer!

Well I just got back from listening to Elder Christofferson. Well I can’t really say ¨listen¨ because I fell asleep. The president had this elder who was leaving in three days spend the time with us until he left. And he snored like crazy! They were like reverberating of the walls! So yah I only got like three hours of sleep last night. But he is gone now.

Oh and changes happened again today, and I’m not getting changed again. My companion is a little bittersweet about it because he has seven and a half months in this area and he was hoping to go to a new one. But he doesn’t want to leave me as a companion either. He only has two changes left before he goes home so it would be cool if I get to kill him.

We haven’t been able to kill them (bedbugs) yet :( but we are trying new techniques. When we brought the mattresses to our new house we brought them strait to our back yard and we are keeping them there until we completely exterminate them.

I have four canker sores!!!! Yep I am really suffering. Especially when it comes to chili. But I talked with my mission president’s wife and she gave me many remedies that I haven’t heard before so I’m going to be trying them tonight.

Oh and those letters from my primary you said I was getting. They were actually letters from the girls at girl’s camp. I thought it was kind of funny though. I told my companion that they were letters from my primary class but when I opened it I was pulling out pictures of a bunch of girls with letters from them (they were actually their testimonies) But yah it was kind of funny.

The first vision is an important part of our teachings of our church. We teach it first because that is what gives our church the authority to claim the things that we do. It shows that this church doesn’t have to rely on teachings of ancient prophets or scriptures which can be changed by men, but that Jesus the Christ actually restored his church with all the keys and authority that will bring people to their salvation.

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