Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh, BTW we had some Baptisms

Well we got rid of the bed bugs but we don’t feel comfortable about sleeping on our mattresses so we are still sleeping on our clothes. We’ve gotten pretty used to it. We are going to talk to our president about getting new mattresses because we really don’t know what they might have left in there. Plus my companion’s mission card doesn’t work anymore so we are only using my half of the money until he gets his new one.

Thanks for the package! I went to the offices on Thursday and it was there. And I loved everything that was in it. You know me very well. And I love the cashew sweet and salty bars but I really love the peanut butter ones two. Also the craisins, man I miss those. And thanks grandma for the molasses cookies. They really reminded me of you. Some members gave us a package of Oreos so we had them with the peanut butter you gave me too. Oh and you don’t have to give me pencils at the moment, a missionary who left gave me like 200 of them. But thanks for the thought. (I know he doesn't NEED pencils, I just put them in every package so I can write on the customs slip "Missionary supplies - pencils, etc.")

It was my companions birthday on the 31st. A rich member gave us money to go to a Chinese buffet and I ended up doing impressions and telling my companion about John Pinette the whole time. You know ¨Fer-weewee!!¨ ha ha

We had a crazy experience this last week when we found ourselves in one of those ¨Devil be gone!¨ churches. Where people fall over and convulse and stuff. Ill tell the whole story when I get home.

Time goes by so fast here. Its like one day it’s Sunday, and then the next day is Sunday again. Well I just reviewed all about what happened this week with my companion and it seems like I talked about everything. Except we had some really good baptisms. Love you all and enjoy life.

Elder Whetten

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