Monday, December 28, 2009

New Area

Yesenia and Angela - baptized 27 Dec 2009

We are working out in a place where the missionaries have never been to right now called Los Magueys it’s not a really fruitful place but we have gained two baptisms from the colony. I put a picture of them on photobucket. Unfortunately it’s the only picture. I filled up my last card and I’m now working on a different one and I forgot to bring the other card. So when are you going to send me my a card?

Well something really interesting really happened to us last week. My companion and I were just walking home from our last appointment and all of a sudden we hear a girl of five years crying and chasing a car yelling mommy mommy. I knew what had just happened at the moment and went to help the girl. She told us that her mom had just told her that she doesn't love her anymore and left her in the middle of the street and drove off with her husband. the little girl wanted to keep pursuing the car in the direction in which she saw the car go so we followed her and called the bishop to see what we could do. We stopped at a corner where there was a video store so that the bishop could come and help us out. The lady in the video store seeing that the little girl was distressed came and took the girl into the video store as we were waiting. And then the police showed up. I guess a guy who came into the store to buy a movie told the police everything that the lady told him that we told her. So the facts were a little messed up but we were the original witnesses so the police got everything right. But then the dad showed up and all of his family. The police were going to arrest him but a lot of crap happened and they had to let the girl go back with her family. It was about 11:30 at night at that time and we were really angry and mad and tired so we just went home, prayed for the girl and tried to get some rest. But that was about the biggest event that happened to us this last week.

Nothing much else to tell. Except that this New Year is going to be a little dangerous for us because its the 200th anniversary of the founding of Mexico and the 100th anniversary of the revolution of Mexico, which means that there is going to be a lot more alcohol and drugs and fireworks. But i'll be fine.

Everyone have a safe new year!

Elder Whetten

(Some of you know about my situation at work where a woman was asked to remove a nativity scene from her desk because another employee was 'offended'. The whole thing was very disturbing to me and this is Jay's idea of a resolution. It's good to know he hasn't lost his sense of humor.)

I just wanted to send a quick E-mail because I have been thinking about your situation at work and I wanted to tell you my thoughts about it. Well It kinda reminded me about an episode of the office when Michael was learning about how to resolve problems in the work place. There were a couple ways to solve things: Lose Lose. Lose Win. Win Win. And Win Win Win. The situation was that the cat lady had a poster of babies in costumes and the gay guy didn’t want her to put it up because he thought it was sick and wrong.

So what Michael did was he put a picture of the poster on a shirt and his idea was to have the gay guy wear it. In this way it was a win win win situation. Win because the cat lady could see the poster, win because the gay guy didn’t have to see it, and win because the boss didn’t have to deal with the problem anymore. Maybe your boss should apply this concept the next time something like that comes up. I just thought that was funny. I’ll write my letter now.

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