Monday, December 14, 2009

What do I need to do to get to the Temple?

Well our division with the assistants went well. It was with Elder Hatton. We just visited the baptisms that we have coming up and looked at what we could improve on.

Christmas is coming up. We have a family here that is willing to let us use their phone for the day. I think it would be better if you bought the card. I really don’t know if I am going to be changed next Sunday or not so I’ll probably call you the next Monday or Tuesday to let you know on the number you need to call and what time. Is there a specific time that you would like?

This last conference with the president was pretty cool. President gave us all a bottle that can purify the worst water in the world. The directions say that you can even drink your own pee with it. (I think the president should have thought twice before giving these to missionaries) But now we don’t have to spend money on water anymore, we can just take it right from the faucet. He also gave us each one of the new bibles. Kinda stinks that I already have one.

I got your packages and one from Sister Peck In the meeting too. Thank you for the alarm clock and the cd´s. They get me a little more animated about getting up in the morning. My companion says thanks too. Also thanks Sister Peck for the package and for the letters. Daniel made me laugh. Also give Grandma and Grandpa thanks for the card in Spanish. Also Grammy for all her letters of support.

We encountered a woman through a member that wanted to investigate our church. She said that she has cancer in her brain and is going to die in eight months. She has a family with two kids. We taught her about life after death and temples. After we were done talking about temples she asked us what she needed to do to get into this temple and that she would do anything to be with her family again. So we are going to baptize her with her children next Sunday, hopefully with her husband, we haven’t had a chance to talk to him yet. We also talked with the bishop and he is going to see if there is a way that she could enter the temple sooner than a year because after someone is baptized they have to wait a year to enter the temple. But we gave her a blessing and I am sure that if she really wants to enter the temple that the Lord will provide her a way.

That’s about all for now. Be safe and enjoy life.

Elder Whetten

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