Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas to all!!!

Well I got changed if you can tell. I had to go to a city called San Luis Potosi. It was a six hour bus ride or a three movie bus ride. (They always show movies on the buses.) None of which were really good at keeping the spirit with you so I kinda felt a little bad when I arrived. But my new companion is named Elder Gartner. He is from Payson Arizona and has one change less than me. San Luis is a very strange place when it comes to weather. Here it can be hot in the morning, rain, be hot again, and then snow.

I was kinda sad to leave my last area. We had a bunch of really cool investigators and I didn’t want to leave them. Like we just had a huge family where one of the members of the family gained fractures through almost every disk of his spine. We came and taught them about the restoration of the priesthood and asked the guy if he wanted a blessing and he accepted. But the thing is I want to know how he is doing right now.

I talked with the family here who is going to let us talk with our families this Friday and I want you guys to call at 530 your time 630 my time. (if I am not in a different time zone right now) Just call me at 530 your time. the number is 01 444 813 47 49. If there are any changes I will call you.

Nothing more to say except Merry Christmas!!! and thanks again to the support and thoughts of everyone. I really didn’t expect to experience Christmas this year, but I have learned that wherever you are and whatever your situation, the spirit of Christmas can find you in any situation. Even if you millions of miles away from all your family.

Merry Christmas to all!!!
Elder Whetten

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