Monday, May 4, 2009

Short but sweet! And Pictures!

The swine flu really isnt a big deal, the virus if treated right dies in 24 hours. Some people wear masks because of what they heard and everyone else who doesnt have a form of news wears them because everyone else is. Which makes it look like a big deal. But I'm fine.

None of the elders have gotten sick and I thing its a cover up anyway. ;) We didn't have church because the government put a law against any large group meetings. So it was just like any other day, we just went out and worked. And I would never stay inside my house, and yes we live in houses not apartments.

We have to go pretty soon but if I have time I'll come back tonight to finish up my E-mail. We are pretty busy right now and this month is a month of sacrafice for us. (which means no P-days) I'm going to try sending some pictures before I go. Love you all!!!

The captions are written by Jay...

The effects of the swine flu!

Real tostitos!

Good times living with the zone leaders!

Looking pretty in my new tie!

Looking bad in my other new tie!

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mpal said...

Jay definitely has your sense of humor! Glad to hear he's doing okay. I'll admit I would have been more than a little nervous about the Swine Flu!