Monday, May 18, 2009

Busy Missionaries

Our experiences aren’t really that easy most of the time. People never just come up to us and ask about our faith. Although we did have something pretty close to it this last week. We found this woman who told us that she had a dream that she was at her church listening to the pastor and everyone around her was singing and praying, but she was crying. She had another dream that she was in a room and someone was just talking to her, but she was crying again. She had both of these dreams twice, and she interpreted it as God telling her that this church that she was in wasn’t the right one for her and she needed to find the true church. We have been having some really good conversations with her and we brought her to church yesterday and she made some good friends. She has some great potential and we have a baptism scheduled for her on Saturday.

Yah living with the zone leaders has been a real learning experience. We definitely have learned a lot that we wouldn’t have if we were just learning on our own. Also Elder Schow knows Spanish better that the natives so he has been a lot of help. We still haven’t found a house though.

More-ron-knee is how it’s pronounced over here. Just like neff-fee.

I am trying really hard to write in my journal. It gets hard sometimes when you get four tired Americans in one house after a long day. But I am doing it. I hope everyone is having a good time and making the best of life. Keep the spirit and appreciate the things that you have.

Elder Whetten

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