Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day Phone Call

We got to speak to Jay on Sunday for about 40 minutes. It was so wonderful to hear his voice and hear his enthusiasm for his mission. They are working really hard this month. The mission has a goal for 300 baptisms! He said he really thinks they can do it. If they accomplish it Elder Bednar will come speak to them. He said he and his companion have had some baptisms but he wouldn’t tell me how many because he said he doesn’t want to brag and “keep score”. He said we would write on Monday and tell me some of the experiences he has had but I didn’t get an email from him yesterday.

He said the area where he is right now is hilly and he enjoys that. The weather is much like it is here in Arizona. It’s only rained three times since he has been there. They were supposed to look for a place to live yesterday, so they wouldn’t have to live with the Zone Leaders any more. He said he really enjoyed staying with them but was tired of sleeping on the floor.

I asked him what the members feed them every day and he said mostly tortillas and meat (not a lot of beans) but it was all really hot. He is trying to get used to the hot food.

He spoke some Spanish to us. It sounded really good to us! He didn’t seem to hesitate much.

His companion, Elder Toutai, got on the phone and spoke to us as well. He told us how much he enjoyed working with Elder Whetten and what a good missionary he was. That was nice.

One last kinda funny thing...the government asked everyone not to wear their ties for a while because of the swine flu. I guess they think that it's a place where germs can harbor, because they are not washed frequently. He said all the missionaries were doing as the government asked, but when they went to Church on Sunday all the members had ties on and the missionaries did not.

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