Monday, April 27, 2009

Robberies, Swine Flu and Earthquakes. Oh My!

Yah we got robbed. I was contemplating on if I should tell you or not. But Elder Hatton said he told his mom so I figured it would reach you anyway. The first day they just took all of our electronics (except for those grey speakers you gave me) So my CD player is gone, and my black speakers, they even took my electric toothbrush!!! So that needs to be replaced. I think I can find one the next time I go to Costco or somewhere. The second time they robbed us was the next day and we reinforced the door so they couldn’t get in so they just took our tank of gas. So now we are living with the zone leaders and looking for a new house.

Yah everyone in Mexico is wearing face masks right now, trying to keep themselves from getting sick. But we are just working hard and trusting that the Lord will take care of us.

I didn’t feel anything this morning, Aguascalientes is pretty far from Mexico City. (I asked him if he felt the earthquake).

As for the call for Mothers Day, how this is going to work is I’m going to call you before to set up a time that I am going to call you and then I am going to go buy a phone card and call you at that time. (I’ll have more money by then and phone cards are pretty cheap.)

I can’t see half the letters on this keyboard so some words might be weird. But I’ve got to go. I love my companion. We are working hard. We are having amazing experiences.

Love you all. And enjoy the moment you are living right now.

Elder Whetten


Stephanie said...

This sounds familiar. My son was in Mexico nine days before his iPod, dock and camera were stolen. Good times!

Pam said...

Crazy! We're going to keep praying for him. When my son Scotty heard about the flu in Mexico he blurted out, "But Jay is in Mexico!" I told Scott that the Lord looks out for the missionaries in their service. I thought it was sweet though that Scotty was worried about his Primary teacher. Elder Whetten is a great example to those younger boys.

mpal said...

Wow, don't you just love the missionary spirit? Such a great attitude! Jay is awesome!

Anonymous said...

Served my mission inthe Mexico Leon mission 15 years ago and in fact I just bought a home there.

The swine Flu never was a threat. it had been circulating since 2007, (a variant of the H5N5) and it was a political/propaganda move on behalf of the USA in response to Mexico's retaliation regarding NAFTA violations.

The "deaths" were HUGELY exagerated...and now scaled back to less than 10... (from Thousands. The regular Flu kills thousands every year throughout thw world.

Notice the outbreak happend the very same evening that President Obama left Mexico City. I was there.

Good work Elders!... the mission has never been as great as today!
I was robbed on my mission in Aguascalientes when I served 15 years ago!... they occured in my borthers mission in New York City (it' not just Mexico) and one evenig a man reached in my sisters car while she was stopped at stop sign in broad daylight and STOLE HER SCRIPTURES FROM HER LAP!!! Where did that happen? CHICAGO, ILLINOIS!

See ya tonight Elder with Elder Bednar!

Keep up the good work!