Monday, April 6, 2009

92 days in!

Well I didn’t get to watch all of conference. I only got to see the first session on Saturday and the last on Sunday. The last on Sunday I got to see in English because we were at an investigators house watching it on the internet and he had another computer that he was thoughtful enough to let me use to watch it in English. I understood about 77% of the Spanish session. Like I said, understanding is one thing but speaking it is another. I am progressing though. I can have broken conversations with people.
There is usually a two to three week delay for mail to get here so no I didn’t hear the Clark’s are moving. Felicitaciones Clark family!!!
Thanks Titi Aimee for the definition of phantasmagoria. I heard an investigator say that he fealt it while he was praying the other day. When i looked up the word he was saying phantasmagoria came up. The problem is that the dictionary I have just translates the words. It doesn’t have the definitions. So my companion and I still didn’t know what he was taking about. So I guess he was trying to describe the spirit.
Here are a few pictures like you requested I didn’t get a chance to take any pictures of the Santa Semana. But here are a bunch of me and my companion. I’ll try to take more of the houses and country this week.
But anyway things here are great. The food is great. The field is white. Life is good.
Love you all.
Elder Whetten

Jay and Elder Hatton ( I have an email correspondence with his Mom)

The only thing he said about this one was "I guess I made an impression on someone!"

Elders Whetten and Cobarruvias (companions)

I think this is from the MTC

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mpal said...

Don't you love it when you get pictures? It always makes my Wednesday even better!