Monday, March 30, 2009

News from Mexico

I’m happy that you got such a great calling!! (I (Mom) just got called as a Ward Missionary) Do you have a Preach my Gospel? You’re going to need one trust me. It has taught me so much that I needed to know to do this work. Study it every day as well as your scriptures. One of the things that has helped me the most in this work is memorizing the scriptures. Just a chapter a day. But when the time is right the Holy Ghost will bring one of those scriptures up that you memorized out of nowhere and it will help you greatly. (the problem is I cant memorize in Spanish yet so they are in English.) But it all works out fine.

I can also testify of prayer. And I have never used it as much as I am now. There was one time when we weren’t getting that much success. I was pondering over what we needed to do to get more. I had the faith that we could find more people. I started to examine everything that we did. I found some little things that we could improve on that could help a little but what really helped was when I examined my prayers. You know we pray for strength to get through the day, the spirit to guide us, all the things that we need gods help for. So I thought if we pray for his help in these aspects, shouldn’t we pray for his help to find people as well? So I did so and we had opportunities coming out of the most inconspicuous places. I also made sure to thank God for those blessings which I have received from my prayers.

Oh and about the Coke. I decided that even though it is ok to drink it, I am going to do everything I can so that I won’t have to drink it. I bought an extra water bottle to use throughout the day. Are you still not drinking Coke?

Do you think you can get me Logan’s address? I told him I was going to get his address from you and write him but I keep forgetting to ask.

I think a couple of kids from here added me to their facebook. So when you have the chance go ahead and accept them for me K?

Tell Tyler Congratulations! I meet a kid here who likes his band.

Well we didn’t have electricity but from the skills that dad taught me I was able to fix that! (Just kidding) We do have electricity but the Light bulbs are all in the wrong places.

We have huge Cockroaches here! It scares me. I thought I wasn’t scared of them anymore but when I saw these it rekindled my fear.

Remember to listen to your first impressions. You testimony and the Book of Mormon are your most powerful tools. And be gently bold.

Elder Whetten

P.S. Can you tell me what the word Fantazmigoria means? (Any help with this ?) I think this is how it is spelled.

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TBrooks said...

Phantasmagoria: 1. a)A fantastic sequence of haphazardly associative imagery, as seen in dreams or fever. b)A constantly changing scene composed of numerous elements.
2. Fantastic imagery as represented in art.