Monday, March 9, 2009

News from Mexico!

Sorry I wasn’t able to write you for so long. My p-day is on Monday and I got here on Monday so naturally they decided not to give me one you know?

Well let’s say I love it here. When I got here they had us sleep at the offices the first day. And then they shipped us out to our areas. They moved me to a town called Aguascalientes which isn’t in Leon but it’s in the boundaries. My new companions name is Elder Cobarruvias. He doesn’t speak any English. Yay!! But he is not a native. He comes from Bolivia and there they speak just a tiny but differently than in Mexico. But he has been here for a while so he has adjusted enough. For a while he was the only one I could understand. But now I have just started to understand a little but of what the locals are saying. (They talk really fast!)

A lot of the people we talk to live in homemade sheds built in between the alleyways of houses. Its been really interesting to me so far because I have been told that Family equals joy all my life but I have never really realized what that really meant until now. These people live in poor circumstances and most may not have a roof over their heads, but as long as they have their family, they are happy. Really really happy. And I have come to love the Mexican people for that.

Oh and that picture of me levitating. A magician never reveals his tricks. But all the little kids love it to death! One of the richer families that are members, their kid is taking Kem po and he had some Num-chucks but didn’t know how to use them. So I showed him a couple things. (Not like I really know how to use them either) But it was fun.

Elder Hatton IS in my area! He thought it was weird that our moms talked to each other. But he helps me out with the Spanish a lot.

It was interesting going to church the other day. Their building looks so much different from ours. And all the Mexicans cuss a lot. Members and non members, Bishops and teachers. That’s just what Mexicans are like here. When Priesthood meeting was over one man leaned over and said to me in English "lets make like gangsters and get the f?¡$ out of here!" But I was used to it by then.

I really like this keyboard. Check it out. I can do this:¡Santa Baha! and this ¿Que? Ha ha I love it

Oh and I can’t tell you how much people recognize my name. Its mind numbing because I can’t understand them most of the time.

Well that’s all for now. Talk to you later. And I love you!

Elder Whetten

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Shanna said...

So glad to hear that Jay is doing well, sounds like he is already growing in leaps and bounds, thank you so much for posting this blog, it is so fun for me to be able to read his letters. How proud you must be...